How to Use Wood Floral Picks in Wreaths

How to Use Wood Floral Picks in Wreaths
I choose to use wood floral picks on my flower or greenery stems that are either too thin or too short.  This ensures I have strong mechanics with my wreaths and it enhances the overall quality of the wreath construction.  My customers keep coming back to purchase from me because they know I pay attention to detail down to the mechanics of the wreath base and produce strong quality wreaths.

If a flower stem is too thin or the hot glue will melt the stem, then adding a wood floral pick helps sure up the stem, making it sturdy and giving more space for the hot glue to adhere.  In other words, the wood picks help to make the flower or greenery stems meatier and therefore stronger.

If a flower or greenery stem is too short, then adding a wood floral pick will help to make the stem longer.  Sometimes I need more depth in my wreaths and adding flower or greenery stems at different depth levels helps to create this and gives added fullness to the wreath.  Adding wood picks can help extend the length of the flower stem to achieve this.

There are different lengths of wood floral picks and they come in sizes such as 3”, 4”, 6” and 8” both wired and unwired.  My go to size for wood picks is typically 4” wired picks. This seems to work best for my wreath making craft…and easier for my fat fingers!  Use the wire attached to the wood pick to wrap around the floral stem to secure the flower to the wood pick. The wood floral pick also has a point on the end making it great for sticking into grapevine wreaths or floral foam if you are into floral design.

After you wrap the wire of the floral pick securely and tightly around the stem, you want to cover the wire with floral tape.  Adding floral tape on top of the wire helps to keep the wire in place. Floral tape is not sticky until you stretch it and then it releases the sticky residue.  Floral tape sticks strongly to itself so, as you wrap, pull the tape to stretch it so it adheres and then overlap it about 1/2 of its width. Floral tape is made in several colors; I prefer green for my evergreen wreaths, brown for my grapevine wreaths and white used for wreaths with a white base used during Christmas and July 4th.  Floral tape comes in several widths but I find ½ inch works well and is easily found in stores.

Steps for adding wood floral picks to flower or greenery stems for wreaths:

  1. Place the flower stem into the wreath to measure how far you want the flower to come out from the wreath. Use your fingers to hold the flower stem and to mark it. Then cut the flower stem 3” below that mark.
  2. While still holding the flower in your fingers, place the top of the wooden pick to the mark measured with your fingers and snugly wrap the wire from the pick around the stem of the flower and the pick working your way down the pick.  Keep the wire tight the entire time you are wrapping. It’s best when you also wrap the wire below the flower stem and then back up so your flower won’t slip (see video below).  Wrapping the wire tight does take practice but it is easy to grasp.
  3. Using floral tape, pull a section of the tape to activate the stickiness. Then wrap the tape around the wood pick you just wired onto the flower stem making sure to overlap the tape as you wrap down the wood pick. Tape helps keep the wire in place.
  4. Use hot glue or pan glue whichever you prefer to add glue on top of the floral tape of the wood pick and quickly stick the glued portion into your wreath.

When all of your flowers are glued into your wreath don’t forget to turn your wreath over and cut the wood floral picks short so they do not protrude from the back of the wreath. Cover these picks with either sheet moss or left over silk flower leaves to help cover your mechanics.

Here is a video clip showing you step-by-step how I use wood floral picks. This video clip is from my Silk Flower Christmas Wreath Video Tutorial:


As you can see, using wood floral picks does take practice but it is easy to grasp.  For exact instructions for gluing flower stems into deco mesh or silk flower wreaths, refer to my videos or ebook links to the right.

I hope this tip of how to use wood floral picks in wreaths helps you in your wreath making craft. Let me know what you think or what tips you have or prefer.

Happy Wreathing,
Julie :)

How to Attach Plush Doll to Wreath

How To Embellish and Attach Plush Dolls To Deco Mesh Wreaths by Julie Siomacco of
Adding plush dolls is a great way to take up space and add interest to a wreath. Since it will be the focal point of a wreath, I like to add it just after I’ve added ribbon or greenery to build up the base of the wreath and before adding ornaments or flowers.  Some dolls I find are so gosh darn cute but are way too heavy because they are weighted, made to sit on a shelf.  So, they have a heavy base. Let me show you my techniques on how to add plush dolls to Deco Mesh or Silk Flower wreaths:

  1. Make a small 1-inch, x-shaped incision with your scissors to the back or bottom of the doll where the heavy part of the toy is located.  This is usually on the bottom part where it would sit on a shelf.  If there is more than one layer of fabric, continue cutting x-shaped incisions until you have cut through the bag located inside the animal.  That’s right; I said a “bag”. You see the manufacturers fill a plastic bag with either sand or pebbles to help weight the doll and sew it inside the doll.
  2. Place your fingers inside your incision and use your fingers to pull out the sand or pebbles used to make the doll heavy.  This may take some time and is messy do hold it over a trash can. Keep putting your finger inside and pulling out the weight until you have the majority of the pebbles out and you can grab the bag. Once you can grab the bag, gently pull it out of the doll being careful not to rip a larger hole in the doll.
  3. From here you can either sew the hole closed with a needle and thread or leave it open if the wreath elements will cover the hole. On this example I left the hole open because the fabric was felt; however, if the material were more of a knit, sweater-like material, I would have sewn it so it would not unravel further.
  4. Use scraps of evergreen, ribbon, berries, leaves or anything you happen to have on hand to jazz up the doll somehow.  In this example, I chose to embellish the present the elf doll is holding.  This gives the doll a personal, decorative touch and my customers just LOVE my attention to detail!
  5. Use a pipe cleaner or floral wire to wrap around the doll somewhere where it will be hidden and not seen. Usually this location is either under the neck or around the waist of the doll. If you can’t locate a place and the wire is seen, then wrap a coordinating ribbon around and on top of the wire to help hide the mechanics of the wire.
  6. Nestle the now pre-wired doll into the wreath placing the doll off center either to the right or left of the wreath. I think placing focal points like dolls off center is more pleasing to the eye than if it were dead center in a wreath.
  7. Use the ends of the floral wire to then wrap around the metal frame on the back side of the wreath.  Since the frame is also another mechanic of the wreath this will ensure the doll is attach to something sturdy.
  8. You can then pose your animal by crossing his legs, propping up an arm, etc. to make the doll come to life and add character to the doll.  You can even add more embellishments if you want.

From here I continue designing the wreath adding elements from largest to smallest; so in this example, poinsettias, ornaments and then filler. Be careful not to drip hot glue onto the doll while designing the rest of your wreath, to do this I sometimes cover it with a piece of a plastic bag.

Here is a video showing you EXACTLY how to attach a Plush Doll to a Deco Mesh Wreath

I hope you enjoyed my secret tip of adding a plush doll to a wreath. Let me know what you think or what tips you have for adding dolls to wreaths.

Happy Wreathing,
Julie :)

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