How to Make A Funky Bow -Christmas Edition

How To Make A Funky Bow - Christmas Edition

This bow is easy peasy! I know you can make this bow!

I developed the “funky bow” technique a few years ago when trying to help my ebook customers use up all of their materials. You see, I can’t stand to throw away any ribbon, even scraps. Why? Because I’m a RIBBON ADDICT! There I said it, yet again!

This technique developed when I had long strips of ribbon but there was not enough to form a full bow and certainly not enough to add to a wreath. What’s a girl to do?

Bam, it hit me…make a bow using all of my scraps…well not ALL of my scraps, just some.

See full video below.

Supplies Needed

  • 5 -30” strips of ribbon in various sizes and coordinating colors. (I prefer a total of 5 but you can use more).
  • Scissors
  • Floral wire or pipe cleaner

Step 1 –Cut the ribbon

Cut the ribbon into 30” strips and dove tail the ends.

Step 2 – Form the Bow

9” from the bottom, pinch the ribbon in your fingers. Measure out 12” and loop the ribbon away from you securing in your fingers at the 12” mark. This forms a 6” loop with the tails below it. Twist the tail in the back so that the nice side of the ribbon is facing forward. Loop one is done.

Loop two…do the same thing with the next ribbon but in reverse so that the loop is facing downward and the tails are pointed upward. Hold both loops in the same hand.  Keep adding your ribbon strips in an alternating fashion with loops on top and below your fingers until all the ribbon is in your hands. Secure with a floral wire or pipe cleaner.

Step 3 – Attach and disperse tails

Once the ribbon is attached to your item (garland, wreath, etc.), you can move the bow tails around so that they are dispersed evenly.

Tips: Make the loops as large or as small as you like. If making larger loops, make sure that the wire in the ribbon is strong enough to hold the shape of the loop or your loops will sag. Also you will need to adjust the ribbon length if making larger loops.

The funky bows look great in wreaths, garlands, on lanterns, in Christmas trees, anywhere a bow is needed.

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I hope you enjoyed this Funky Bow tutorial.  Post below and tell me where you could use a bow like this.

Happy Wreathing,


How to Make a Tree Topper Bow

Video How to Make A Tree Topper Bow

Tree topper bows are very popular and really add a finished touch to your Christmas tree. I get asked a lot how to make them and below, I’m sharing my instructions for making a tree topper bow.  This bow will fit a 6-7 foot tree. For trees larger than this, keep adding more layers to the bow increasing each layer by one inch.

2.5” ribbon 20 Yards (You can get ribbon shown in the video at Sam’s)
1.5” Ribbon 20 Yards
Zip Tie
Two pipe cleaners, doubled up

Please watch the video below for exact instructions.

Make the Bow Tails
Cut two 4 yard strips of each ribbon. Pinch in the center and loosely tie off with a pipe cleaner. Set this aside.

Layer 1
Make two 6” loops to look like a bow tie.

Video How to Make a Tree Topper Bow


Layer 2
Make four 7” loops to form an X shape behind layer 1

Video How to Make a Tree Topper Bow


Layer 3
Make two 8” loops to go behind layer 2

Video How to Make a Tree Topper Bow


Layer 4
Make four 9” loops to form an X shape behind layer 3

Video How to Make a Tree Topper Bow


Layer 5
Make three 10” loops to go behind layer 4.

Video How to Make a Tree Topper Bow


Zip tie together and then use the doubled up pipe cleaner or long florist wire to attach to the bow. Use the pipe cleaner to tie the bow on the tree about 12” from the top.

You can find detailed instructions in my video here:



Click here for a video on how to make a designer tree topper.

Do you use a bow as a tree topper? If not, what do you use? Comment below and let me know. Also, let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Wreathing,



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