Annual Wreath Making Schedule

Annual Wreath Making Schedule
One of the most asked questions I receive from my ebook customers is what time of the year to start making certain holiday wreaths. My answer? To stay ahead of the buyer. Buyers start searching for seasonal and holiday décor well before it’s time to display them. Even if they wait to purchase, they start looking and dreaming of that perfect décor piece that will make their home or entry way inviting.

In response to this frequent question, I created a wreath making schedule. 

According to the schedule for the month of April, a wreath shop owner would be finishing up spring wreaths, working on Mother’s Day wreaths and beginning summer wreaths. Additionally, you may think that June and July would be slow months for wreath making. Unfortunately, if you are making wreaths for a business, there are no slow months. In June, I like to be finishing up last minute summer wreaths and my patriotic wreaths for July 4th. In July, I like to start my collegiate wreaths for the back to school and football season as well as Christmas…yes I said Christmas in July!

Why make Christmas wreaths in July which is mid-summer, isn’t this too early? Well it’s popular for online retail shops to hold an annual Christmas in July sale. Believe it or not buyers know this and they are looking for Christmas items whether it be for gifts or décor in July. always holds an annual Christmas in July sale towards the end of July and I like to take advantage of their advertising power and jump on board with their campaigning. So I discount any leftover Christmas wreaths from last year and make smaller priced, gift giving sized wreaths to add to them. My screen door wreath recipe from my ebook (www.learndecomeshwreaths) is a perfect example of a lower priced item perfect for gift giving.

Another good measure to stay ahead of the market is to watch your local craft stores. If you see Hobby Lobby setting up seasonal or holiday décor, this is a sure sign that you should also be gearing up to display the same seasonal/holiday wreaths in your shop.

This is the schedule I use and of course can be modified to include other holidays which are not popular in my area/shop (i.e., Fiesta in April, which means I would suggest finish making wreaths in March). This yearly schedule would probably work well for any other crafter who is looking to stay ahead of the game too.

I hope this yearly craft making schedule helps you! I would love to hear of other holidays you make wreaths/crafts for which I left off? Do you think this is a good representation? If so, please leave a comment below and please share it on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest.

Download and print this calendar here.

Tip: Use this same calendar to help with posting ideas on your social media accounts too. This calendar works very well with Pinterest because buyers use Pinterest to help plan upcoming events well in advance. However, for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, I would wait and not post holiday topics too far in advance since these social media accounts are used more for current events.

Julie :)

Yearly Wreath Making Schedule

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