Care & Storage Tips

Thank you for choosing Southern Charm Wreaths.  Every wreath created by Southern Charm Wreaths is different; different flowers, different greenery, different ribbon, etc. Therefore, each wreath will have a different display life some lasting longer than others.  However, if you take extra steps to care for your wreath, you can help it last as long as possible.  Below are a few tips to ensure your wreath will last:

Unpacking Your Wreath
Carefully untwist the chenille stems (pipe cleaner) securing your wreath to the inside of the shipping box.  You can keep these pipe cleaners attached to the box in order to wire your wreath back into the box for storage later.  On some of the more bulky wreaths (Poly Deco Mesh) it may be just easier to cut the pipe cleaners on the outside of the box.

Weather Exposure 
For the most part, the materials used in your wreath are considered durable to moderate outdoor exposure unless otherwise noted. I suggest hanging your wreath on a door that has an overhang to protect it.  Also, if you know of an approaching rain storm where there will be sheets of horizontal rain and a lot of wind, I would bring your wreath indoors until the storm passes.  For light showers, it will be fine.  Unfortunately, over time, as with anything left outside in the sun, your wreath will fade.  There will also be some flowers that fade faster than others.  This too is normal.  But you should get a few seasons out of your wreath before this happens.  If you have purchased a wreath that was made to last more than one season (made with both spring and summer flowers), your wreath may fade quicker due to its longer exposure time.

Please note, Christmas or holiday ornamental wreaths containing ornaments should be handled with extra care.  These wreaths last longer with a full covered porch and should not be in direct sunlight.  If your door does not have a full covered porch and/or is in direct sun light, just note your wreath may last only 1 or 2 seasons or it could lasts for much longer, depending on the ornaments used and how long you display your wreath. Most customers are okay with this as they typically want a change after 2 years.

Dusting your Wreath
Unfortunately your wreath will collect dust and/or pollen.  Use a hair dryer on the lowest and coolest setting and blow the dust or pollen off.  Fluff your bow and your good to go.  It is best to dust off your wreath before storing it.

The hanger has a white string tied on it so you can spot it easily.  Your bow will need to be reshaped, fluffed or the tails tucked in occasionally due to wind; especially if your bow is sheer because it doesn’t have a lot of body or weight. Shaping will be no problem because the ribbon is wired ribbon.  When storing your wreath, you can use balled up tissue paper and insert into the main loops of your bow.  This isn't necessary but some feel more comfortable doing this. Personally, I don't, I just reshape with my hands once I unpack my wreaths from storage.

Storing your Wreath
Your wreath SHOULD BE STORED IN A CLIMATE CONTROLLED ROOM!  Extreme heat or cold will cause decorations' paint to crack or peel, styrofoam decorations to melt, and will cause expanding and contracting between grapevine branches which will cause the flower insertions to become loose. You will be a lot happier if you store your wreath in a closet and not the attic or garage.  I personally store my wreaths in a closet on hooks or nails.  Some of you have taller ceilings and therefore a lot of extra space high up in your closets; I use this space to store my wreaths.  I use clear (so you can see through it) yard trash bags and drape this over my wreaths and cut a hole in the bag so that the wreaths hanger can still be used for hanging and then knot the end of the bag to prevent dust from settling on it.  A family member of mine stores her wreath in the attic and didn't have any issues for 3 years, but she was okay with this because she was ready for a new wreath anyway.

The box your wreath was shipped in makes a good storage container; however, you will need to line the corrugated shipping box with tissue paper first in order to keep the boxes acidic properties from bleeding on to your silk florals and decorations.

Do not hang your wreath over a crib or changing table! Hanging ribbon can pose a strangulation hazard and some flower pieces may be pulled loose or totally off posing a choking hazard.