Grow Your Etsy Sales - How to Sell Wreaths on Etsy

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Are you confused about how Etsy works? Need help in growing your Etsy wreath shop sales? Have a hard time getting found in Etsy searches? In this ebook I give you my very best Etsy SEO tips and marketing techniques for running a successful Etsy wreath business!

What is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and uses complex algorithms based on shoppers past search criteria. It is very, very important to the success of your online business. But don't worry, you do NOT have to master it, just use a few strategies and techniques to get improved traffic. SEO is what helps your search result rankings.

Whether you are thinking of opening an Etsy wreath shop or already selling on Etsy, this ebook was made for you. I've been selling wreaths on Etsy since 2009 and I've had to learn, the hard way, of how to set up an Etsy shop and optimize it for better search results. I've done a tremendous amount of research and have learned so much from it. I was tired of reading SEO tips here and there, Social Media tips here and there, how to Drive Traffic to my shop, Increase Sales, etc. Well I've been taking notes baby, and this ebook puts everything in ONE PLACE...the palm of your hands! Now I can't guarantee you will be on the first page of Etsy search results, but I know you will increase your rankings and traffic following my techniques.

This is an INSTANT downloadable PDF file and will NOT be mailed to you. You will receive a link in your receipt that is EMAILED to you.

Grow Your Etsy Sales Wreath Shop Guide is a 80 page ebook containing links, photos and screenshots of my very own Etsy shop and includes the following:

Why is it important? How to compose a brand promise for your business. How to give your business a brand look.

✔Etsy Shop Setup
Before we can talk about increasing your sales, we need to make sure your shop is optimized and setup properly. I will give you detail explanations of all the components of setting up an Etsy Wreath Shop including:
♦Choosing Your Shop Name and Title;
♦Creating an Etsy Banner using FREE apps (includes video);
♦Optimizing your shop Announcement with engaging keywords since this is the Meta Description for Google afterall;
♦How to Write your About Section;
♦What to include in your Shop Policies Sections;
♦Optimize your Shop Sections with Meta Keywords.

✔Listing A Wreath in Your Shop
Detailed instructions for each element of a wreath listing and why each is so very important for SEO including:
♦How to make your PHOTOS speak for themselves with staging techniques and free photo editing software;
♦How to write a TITLE using Keywords already used in Etsy & Google searches;
♦Formula for PRICING your wreaths for a nice profit;
♦SEO Techniques for listing MULTIPLE ITEMS;
♦How to find your TARGET AUDIENCE;
♦How to persuade the shopper to buy with an optimized DESCRIPTION using emotion and why they will benefit from your wreath. If you can persuade a buyer that your wreath is beneficial and then describe how this benefit will change their lives, you will have a better chance of winning that sale.
♦BACKLINKS and how they improve your rankings;
♦Everything there is to know about TAGS, how to find them, free apps and why they are key to making your item RELEVANT in Etsy.

✔How to Receive Five Star Feedback
How to give your customer much more than what they expect.

✔Quick SEO Overview
I quickly breakdown everything discussed thus far regarding SEO as a quick reference guide to be used as a refresher including:
♦Keywords - Finding Them
♦Title - Using Keyword Combinations
♦Photos - Use all 5 Slots.
♦Shop Sections - They are Searchable, How to use them.
♦Tags - Multiple Keyword Combinations
♦Aggregate Search Behavior - Explained
♦What does NOT effect your search results on Etsy.

✔5 Ways to drive traffic to your shop
Gone are the times when companies would talk AT its consumers, thanks to social media platforms like Facebook, we are in the era of 'engagement'. Consumers are EXPECTING more than just a sale; they want to have a deeper relationship with whom they purchase from; consumers want that personal connection, your story if you will. Now that your Etsy shop is optimized for organic search results, let me show you how to quickly increase your sales by driving traffic to your shop.
♦Social Media - I give detailed explanations of Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Google+. I explain how to use them and how to optimize your postings in these platforms for increased search results. I give you a posting schedule and ideas in grid format for each platform. These are my best tips and techniques I've not given out before. How to best use hashtags in each platform because they are all different.
♦Blog - Why it could be an important element in driving business to your shop.
♦Email - "The money is in the List" Email List that is! How to build an email list and then 'manage' it with a free email service provider that integrates with your Etsy shop.
♦Advertising - Inexpensive ways to use advertising.
♦Word of Mouth - How to earn Raving Fans!

✔How to submit your Etsy shop to Search Engines
✔How to Earn FREE Etsy Listings
✔Bonus - 25 Etsy Apps to help run organize and boost your sales.

This is an INSTANT downloadable PDF file and will NOT be mailed to you. You will receive a link in your receipt that is EMAILED to you.

How to download:
Once you pay for the item, you will receive an email with a link for instant download and instructions. You will need a PDF reader to open and read the file. If you don’t have a PDF reader, you can download for FREE from (ibooks if using an apple mobile device).

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