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To help you plan for a productive 2024, we’ve created this Design Planner to help you stay on track.

I hope you find this design planner useful! It’s a system I’ve been using to scale my business to where it is today. It’s not easy juggling family, life and business but I find when I’m more organized and purposeful, I get more traction in my business and I feel less scatter-brained.

I started my business like you, with ONE Etsy sale and scaled it to where it is now. My wreath business pays me a monthly salary that I use to pay my mortgage, put my kids through college, pay cash for Christmas, family vacations and to get out of debt.

As a stay-at-home mom, with no college degree, I’ve learned the hard way of building my handmade business. It’s taken me a lot of long nights, sacrificed sleep hours and friendships in order to teach myself about various income streams for a handmade business. I’ve done the homework and walked the path. I know what works and what doesn’t work.