Hello and Welcome!

I’m Julie Siomacco, wreath maker, author, business coach, instructor and blogger teaching you the art of wreath making and how to grow a successful online creative business.

I'm located in the Columbia, SC area and I have a passion for designing beautiful things for my home. I’ve always had a knack for floral designing. When I was in my preteens I could go into retail stores and see floral arrangements and then go back home and duplicate them. Say what?? Yep, my parents were amazed and would always tell me that “I had an eye for color”.

I grew up with a father who owned art galleries throughout the Charlotte, NC area. He taught me how to work hard but most importantly to produce quality work. You see, when you provide a quality product, your customers will always come back to you and repeat customers are always THE BEST customers! He also instilled in me that the importance of passion and conviction for any job should always be the basis for its growth. After working for him year after year, my taste for beautiful art and quality interior design grew into a passion. Thanks dad!

I started designing wreaths for my door as a hobby several years ago and immediately I received a lot of positive comments from neighbors, friends and family. My family members were always asking for one of my wreaths. When the economy went through a downturn, I prayed long and hard and decided I needed to go back to work after being a full time stay-at-home mom for over 10 years. However, I quickly realized how hard it would be with so many people also looking for jobs, then the added disadvantage of being out of the workforce for so long, I quickly realized I needed to turn my fun hobby into a business and FAST!

So my wreath making is a full time job for me now, I devote 40-50 hours per week working my business and teaching others how to also start their own business. So I’ve given my heart and soul to my Southern Charm Wreaths and it is really paying off! I am now considered one of THE leaders in wreath design and I have many people turning to me for help in starting their own businesses. I know I’ve found my calling too when I receive emails weekly of people thanking me for sharing my secrets and showing them how they too can provide for their families. I just LOVE what I do!


I hope you check out my website often because I add new beautiful Southern Charm Wreath creations weekly or if you want to join the wreathing fun and seek assistance starting your own wreath business; check out my ebook and learning materials at www.learndecomeshwreaths.com.

God Bless, Julie

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