How to Make a Festive Patriotic Lantern Swag

How to Make a Festive Patriotic Lantern Swag by

Do you adorn your home with lanterns? If so, have you ever decorated your lantern with a lantern swag? In this video, I will show you how to make a festive Patriotic Lantern Swag using silk flowers, picks and ribbon. Everyone seems to be decorating with lanterns these days whether it be in the kitchen,…

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Southern Buttery Pound Cake Recipe

With strawberry season in full swing, I wanted to make a pound cake for some yummy strawberry shortcake! I’ve made this southern buttery pound cake recipe many times and it’s always out of this world delish!Β  This pound cake is very moist, dense and forms a little bit of a buttery crust on the bottom…

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Summer Silk Wreaths For Front Door

I chatted with a lady on twitter the other day. She lives in Australia and was asking if people in the states still put wreaths on their doors all year round. Well given my wreathing passion, I had to respond back to her. “Of course, we put wreaths on our door all year,” I responded.…

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