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Below are 20 Tips to Master a Facebook Live. Make sure to listen to the video for further instructions on how to implement!


20 Tips for Mastering a Facebook Live

  1. Post a picture of your best friend, mom or sister above the camera and pretend your talking to them. This will help your personality to come across the camera.
  2. Don’t wait for people to join the broadcast because most people watch the replay. It annoys people to have to watch you fumble with equipment.
  3. Have good lighting and good audio or the viewer will think the video is not worth watching.
  4. Have a plan of action. Do some prep work ahead of time. A game plan or storyboard.
  5. Try to do 20 minutes minimum for best engagement but the longer the video the better. But don’t be long to just drag it out. Have a purpose and stick to it. 
  6. Expect mistakes but it's okay because you'll be more relate-able to your viewers. Handle them with grace and it will all be okay.
  7. The purpose of the videos are not always about making a sale. It’s about connecting and making relationships with people. Remember, we want people to know, like and trust you.
  8. Do a minimum of 2 Facebook Live broadcast per week for best Page engagement.
  9. Ask a question to your audience to get them to engage with you on the live. You want to try to get people commenting, hearting and liking on the video. Don't be afraid to ask them to give you hearts or a thumbs up if they like you or understand you. Before starting the video, have on hand some questions you can ask your viewers. I like to use the weather, holidays, seasons, or their location to help get the convo started.
  10. Only have one call to action per live. (Join my mailing list, visit my site, buy, etc.) If you have too many, the viewer won't know what to do.
  11. Ask viewers to share your video several times throughout the broadcast.
  12. Ask viewers to subscribe and like your page.
  13. Write down notes just out of site of the camera to remind you of what to say.
  14. Do not rehearse what to say! Be authentic so that you’re relate-able.
  15. Have an intro and an outro. Make sure to announce who you are in the beginning for those new to your page and include a call to action in your outro.
  16. Answer a few questions while you’re live so that people feel apart of the live and they know you’re live but I don't think it's necessary to answer every question, especially when you have hundreds or thousands of viewers.
  17. You can’t give too much content as you want to become the expert in your field and niche. 
  18. Repurpose your videos and upload them to Youtube using keywords to help get found and include links on where to learn more.
  19. Make a Canva thumbnail picture as a cover photo of your finished Facebook Live video (optional)
  20. Use keywords in the title of your videos. Do this by clicking on the 3 dots of the video and edit it. Use keywords for your niche as well as upload a thumbnail and use the tags.
  21. Have fun!

I hope you enjoyed these tips and with a practice, you'll have these down!

What I include on my index cards and place out of camera view:

  1. Welcome, where are you from? How was your day? Have you made anything pretty lately?
  2. Introduction
  3. Guts of the video part 1
  4. Ask to share the video
  5. Guts of the video part 2
  6. Ask for hearts
  7. Guts of the video part 3
  8. Ask to share again
  9. Closing with Call to Action (i.e., Thank you for joining me tonight, don't forget to learn more on our website {insert url link} )
  10. Outro (i.e., make sure to click the subscribe button after this video to be notified the next time we go live. Also subscribe to my Facebook page if you like what you see and if watching the replay on Youtube, make sure to subscribe there too)

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And tomorrow, I'll email my 110 Facebook Live video ideas, so stay tuned!

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