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Holiday Bow Making Masterclass


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What is Holiday Bow Making Masterclass?
Teaching you to be a bow making ninja!

Like you, when I started holiday decorating and wreath making, I could NOT make a bow and if I was a hot mess and I would rip it apart and try again.

In order to make sure you are bow ready this upcoming holiday season for all your DIY projects, I want to teach you how to make bows using one, two, three, and four ribbons. I will also teach you how to make bows for gift giving, garlands, mailboxes, and Christmas Tree bows!

In my bow masterclass, I'll be teaching you how to

  • choose ribbon quality,
  • combine ribbon patterns,
  • to make multiple different bows,
  • give you an opportunity to show off your bows,
  • fix common mistakes without taking the bow apart.

You can learn more and/or join my HOLIDAY BOW MAKING MASTERCLASS here:


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