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This is a course from Julie’s Success Circle Membership group where the lesson taught was how to use Pinterest to increase profits for a creative business.  The training was very popular and the members saw IMMEDIATE results that month, 3 members having sales directly due to Pinterest.

These were the issues my group had before starting the training, does this sound like you?

  • I don’t know much of anything about Pinterest, I’m just starting out.
  • I would like to know how to post my products, connect my Etsy shop and overall how to use Pinterest.
  • Which is better, to make a separate business page or switch your personal account to a business account?
  • More information and best practices for pinning from Etsy to Pinterest.
  • What do I need to say in the text boxes under our own pins?
  • What are some “analysis” of the analytics and what do they provide?
  • I have a business page but I don’t know the first thing about it…how do you use Pinterest to sell?
  • What are buyable pins?
  • The reasoning behind following a ton of different people, or a ton of pins, which pins to pin, how many boards are needed?
  • According to my analytics, I have a ton of people pinning my pins from my boards, but they’re pins I’ve pinned from other people’s websites. I don’t want to drive traffic to them LOL Can’t wait to learn all about Pinterest!
  • I have a Pinterest Business account but I get no traffic from Pinterest.
  • Should we have separate boards for each season or holiday?
  • Pinterest is good for finding a recipe or learn a DIY but how is it good for making sales?
I completely understand your frustration.  I have to admit, I actually stumbled into Pinterest when it first came out. My friends were on it and said I just post some of my wreaths there.  So I did.  Ever since then, Pinterest has been my number one traffic source back to my websites and Etsy shop.
Pinterest has made many changes over the years and gotten a lot smarter. People who are pinning are smarter too.  They realize that Pinterest is now a SEARCH ENGINE just like Google!  Did you hear me? That means when a user wants to find out something, they go to Pinterest more than Google.
That is why Pinterest had to be one of my first training classes for my super talented group of Success Circle Members (Facebook was my first class, learn more here).
This is what you get with with this online course:
A total of 9 Pinterest training videos broken into modules.  All of the videos are as if you were watching over my shoulder on my computer screen and include…
  • Module 1 – What is Pinterest, why use Pinterest for Business, the anatomy of a Pin, explains what boards are, how many boards you should have, how many pins you should have in a board, etc.
  • Module 2 – What are keywords, how to find keywords people are already using, how to create keywords for your products, where to use keywords on Pinterest.
  • Module 3 – How to create a business account, how to verify your website, what to write in your business bio, how to link your website, how to make a good Pinterest photo icon, and the overall details of your account settings.
  • Module 4 – The importance of branding, how to brand yourself, understanding coloring since Pinterest is very visual, how to find who you buyers are.
  • Module 5 – How many boards to have, how to reposition boards, why you have to reposition your boards every month, understanding group boards, how to find group boards to join, why you shouldn’t be in some group boards, how to start a group board, ways to use boards to manage customers, how to use boards to plan out business projects, how many pins you should have in each board, etc.
  • Module 6 – How to upload a pin, how to edit a pin, how to link a pin to your Etsy shop or website, how to share a pin to your Facebook business page, how often to pin during the day, when to pin during the day, how to create a pin in canva, why you need keywords in pins, etc.
  • Module 7 – Various ways you can get followers to your Pinterest account.
  • Module 8 – My two favorite apps to use for my Pinterest business account to help me schedule pins, loop pins, using tribes to get others to pin your pins, networking with other pinners, etc.
  • Module 9 – Explaining your Pinterest analytics, how to use analytics to gauge product popularity in order to restock inventory or guide product creation.

Plus a 1 hour Q&A Video where I answer the groups questions, again watching over my should as I create and explain their questions.

And a 1.5 hour recording of our Q&A conference call where I answer all their questions, not just on Pinterest but about running a business, creating a website, etc.

Julie’s monthly motivational video to end the month.

Plus as a bonus, receive a 14 page Pinterest Editorial Calendar Workbook that was made to help keep you on task each month throughout the year.  This editorial calendar gives you monthly action steps, board placement guidelines, monthly trending topics, a way to check off optimizing your old post or pins, monthly tips, and how to look ahead for the next month.


But the proof that the training works are in the results.  Check out some of the results the group had by the end of the month:

I had an Etsy sale yesterday. The buyer let me know she arrived at my Etsy shop after seeing my wreath on Pinterest. Yipee!!” – Barbara Frengs

I sold two wreaths this week in my Etsy shop, and both sales were because they found my pin on Pinterest. They were the top two wreaths driving traffic to my site from Pinterest so now I know its time to make more! ” -Jenn Carlise

I have noticed my Etsy stat numbers are getting huge over 100 a day and I am seeing my pinterest changes affecting my Etsy sales too. Thanks Julie” – Lynne English

“My Pinterest work (from all your mentoring) is paying off! Thank you Julie. I have people beginning to re-pin pins of my work. YEA! Little by little it is coming together.” -Karen Carter

“I finished watching all the videos and can’t wait to get started on the homework! I thought it was going to be really hard and I already had a mental block, but I feel like you did a great job of clarifying things!” – Lisa Muntz

So if you missed the Pinterest 4 Profits training in the Success Circle Membership class, you can purchase it a la cart right here.  After the purchase, you can download it.  It will contain all the video links, editorial calendar workbook and homework.

I cant’ wait to hear how much your creative business grows by upping your Pinterest game!

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