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Wreath Making of the Month Club

Teaching you the art of wreath making!

Save money and learn to make designer wreaths from the comfort of your home!

Ever searched for a special wreath but couldn’t find what you liked?

Or needed a wreath in a specific color or style but the store didn't carry it?

Maybe you've seen a designer wreath with a high price tag and thought, “I can make that for way less”?

That, my friend, is when you start creating wreaths yourself!

It’s so much fun making beautiful creations yourself.  You'll love being able to create holiday and seasonal decor for your home without spending a fortune!

Do you ever...?

  • Need help with choosing color?
  • Want to learn to attach signs securely, without squishing?
  • Not know where to place flowers or how to give a wreath dimension?
  • Need the best ideas on where to buy supplies?
  • Struggle on what ribbons to use?
  • Secretly want to be a bow making ninja?
  • Spend hundreds on supplies just to have them sit instead of putting them to use?
  • Want to perfect your wreath making skills so you can sell more?
  • Just want to learn how to make a professional, quality constructed wreath?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, you've come to the right place!

About Julie Siomacco

wreath of the month club product image

Hey there, I'm Julie Siomacco owner of Southern Charm Wreaths where we make beautiful handmade wreaths and teach you how to make and sell them.


Just like me, you have dreams worth achieving. You have the right to wake up everyday empowered doing what you love. I already educate thousands through my blog, ebooks and ecourses. My passion is to teach you the art of wreath making and to make money with your creative knowledge if you choose.  Your success is more important than just a sale to me, it is my calling.


Over the past 10 years, I’ve taught THOUSANDS of women and men how to make designer wreaths, and I know I can teach you too!! Don’t take my word for it, scroll down below and see the success other club members are having with my training.

As part of your monthly membership, you'll receive...

Access to watch EVERY training video we’ve ever recorded for our Wreath of the Month Club group; plus bonus videos and freebies! That’s over 50 videos total and still counting!

A new professionally recorded and edited feature video each month showing you how to make a beautiful wreath using different types of mediums you can watch even after you cancel.

A supply list to download for the featured training video for that month and were to buy.

Access to multiple, private Facebook Live broadcasts of Julie making a different style of wreath and explaining how to make it.

A chance to be in the “hot seat” where Julie will critique your creations giving you one on one coaching.

Access to Julie and a community of other wreath creators to give you feedback, encouragement and ideas.

A list of commonly used vendors (both wholesale and retail).

A complete List of Tools of the trade and where to purchase.

Tips on how to choose the best supplies for wreaths.

Access to videos, never seen before explaining the various wreath bases, tools of the trade, color selection and more.

PLUS... wreath selling tips in our Etsy 101, Pinterest 101, Pricing and Facebook Page video tips.

You’ll learn how to make lots of seasonal and holiday wreaths, as well as wreaths that can be displayed year-round.  Every month you’ll have access to multiple new tutorials so you’ll always learn something new to improve your skills!

Are you a wreath making newbie? I welcome you! This club is for beginners and experts alike! Have you ever taken a class where you just didn’t get it?  Don’t worry! I teach in a very easy manner and I promise, you WILL get it!

Do you already make wreaths? I welcome you too! Anytime you get around other creatives, you WILL pick up a trick or two, maybe learn about a new product or discover something you didn’t already know.

Do you want to make wreaths for an income? You are welcome here and this will keep you in the loop with new techniques, trends and styles as well as, start to build a portfolio of what you can accomplish.

Preview of this month's featured wreath tutorials...

Join today to learn to make all of these wreaths... and more!

Hear from a long time member...

See what you're missing!

Just Some of the Previous Month’s Training & Members’ Wreath Creations


I can’t wait to get to know you better inside the group!  Don’t delay in joining, another season is just around the corner and your door is screaming for a new wreath!  Plus, you deserve some fun and relaxing ‘you’ time creating.  I mean if God made you a creative spirit, He fully expects you to use it so then let’s create!

Grab your spot today!

Join for the low monthly investment of $29.95 … $27
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Payment Policy – By purchasing this product, you understand that this an automatic recurring membership.  You agree that your membership will automatically renew and charge your credit card on file unless a cancellation is made by either logging into your account at or  by contacting us here .  No refunds will be made after 3 business days of the charge date.

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