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About Julie Siomacco

Hey there, I’m Julie, a hard core ribbon addict! Let’s embark on a journey through the ribbon aisle together, where choices abound, and the only limit is your creativity (and perhaps your storage space). Whether you’re adorning wreaths or accenting silk flower arrangements, the right ribbon can turn a simple project into a masterpiece.

Yes, I admit while most women collect shoes and handbags, I tend to collect ribbon. My husband is thrilled with this trait that I’ve developed over years. He absolutely loves this side of me (typing sarcastically) – ok maybe love is too strong a word, how about ‘tolerates’.

He really doesn’t complain too much since he knows I’ve made a profession out of using ribbon but sometimes it can spill out of my designated craft room space into the living space and then I get the side eye look.

But through the years I’ve developed a strategy of selecting ribbon that gives me clarity so that I’m not overwhelmed with all the options and provides the WOW factor! This strategy also saves money because I’m not randomly purchasing whenever I see a sale.

In the last fifteen years, I’ve had the honor of teaching hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people virtually and in-person how to have fun using ribbon!

You can easily decorate for any holiday or special occasion using ribbon and bows; and bow-making is one of the fundamentals of a florist or professional wreath maker. Ribbon is abundant and with each new project I make, a specific type of ribbon is required.

But before you learn to make a bow, you first have to start with the ribbon and there are so many things to consider. The purpose of this guide is to educate you on what to consider when choosing ribbon and to introduce you to the various ribbon types.

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Explore the chapters to learn more about:

Ribbon Size
Ribbon Texture
Ribbon Print
Ribbon Color & Palette
Ribbon Style
Ribbon Quality
Storage, Tools, & Where to Buy

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I hope this guide provides you with the knowledge and inspiration to select the perfect ribbon for your designs. There are no mistakes, only different ways to learn and grow in your crafting journey.

Happy Crafting,