Wreath Making 101 - Starting

Where to Begin

Knowing How to Start a Design

Today before we get to the lesson video, I want to remind you that the tips I'm sharing with you in this workshop are tips to help you get started.

I don't intend to overwhelm you but EXCITE you.  You should make your wreath craft what you want it to be!

One of the most asked questions I receive is where to start. That's what prompted me to share this workshop with you.  Start with quality tools, quality supplies, a safe environment, and a design idea I call a "wreath recipe".

Julie's Signature System for the Perfect Wreath

  1. Focal - decide on a focal element and choose 3 colors
  2. Frame - develop your frame, line of site, shape, balance, etc.
  3. Fill - fill with flowers and ribbon
  4. Finish - finishing touches that add dimension, contrast, and texture

Now What?

Join me in my Seasonal Bow Making MasterClass

During each video Julie creates in the Wreath Making of the Month club, she gives you her thought process for the wreath recipe. For example, what was the inspiration for the design, how she chose the color, and even substitutions or alternatives.
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