Ways To Make Extra Money Online with Your Creative Business

Learn to Increase Profits with Your Creative Business
while Giving Your Audience Content They Love!

  • Are you overwhelmed with the options of marketing your creative business and not sure where to focus?
  • Does the thought of using social media to market your creative business stress you out?
  • Do you want ways to create consistent money from your creative business?

Hi! I'm Julie Siomacco, owner of Southern Charm Wreaths. I've been making money online with my creative business for almost ten years and I'm here to teach you my strategies!

Julie Siomacco, Owner Southern Charm Wreaths

It's time to Work Smarter Not Harder!

I know you love what you do, how can you not?  You make beautiful things with your hands!  You're using your God-Given talent and making people happy with your creations!  You've taken a lot of time to master your trade.  If you're like me, you can create your products in your sleep!  You eat, breathe and engross yourself with all things relating to your creative business.

But let’s say now you want to sell your crafts or your creative services online but you’re not quite sure how to attempt it.  I mean you have a general idea but your frustrated because there are so many options and so much to learn!

I totally get it. I used to be just like you!  I too used to be overwhelmed and frustrated because everywhere I turned another “good willing” seller was telling me a new thing I needed to learn, a new gadget I needed to buy, a new social media I should sign up for, a new whatever… in order to increase my sales.  And then, with each new search for help, revealed yet another something I needed to learn!  Seriously?

Or maybe you are afraid; afraid because you don't have the confidence, afraid that you might fail or afraid because there is already so much competition out there!

Don't Be Afraid, Instead Create
"Additional Ways To Make Extra Money".

Yes you can make money selling your crafts or creative services but you can also make extra money by using social media, making how to videos, selling ebooks or by making direct sales through an email list.

Have you ever dreamed of quitting your day job?  Have you ever dreamed of making enough money with your creative business to pay your car payment, or your mortgage payment or maybe dance or sports lessons for your child?  I know you have!!  I know, because creative thinkers are BIG dreamers, like me.  But what if I were to tell you that not only can you pay for these items once or twice a year, you can pay them consistently all year long.   

Many Creative Business Owners are Missing Out on Huge Income Opportunities, Income They Can Be Making Online!

Not only that, they can be making this additional money while they sleep, while they are on vacation with their families, or while taking a leave of absence from their business if they need to.

Creative Business Myths

  • If you build it, they will come.
    While your items are beautiful, they don't speak for themselves. When selling online, you can't just list an item in a shop and wait for the sales to come in. You must market, you must educate buyers and "sell your story" so that buyers know and trust who they are buying from.
  • Too much competition is bad.
    Competition is a great thing because it means that shoppers are buying what you are selling and that is half the battle, producing a product that sells.  Don't hide by doing what everyone else is doing. Instead stand out from the crowd and be different than your competition in order to get noticed by shoppers.
  • If my prices are lower then customers will buy.
    Absolutely not true.  Most shoppers prefer to buy from businesses and not hobbyist.  If your prices are too low, shoppers will perceive a low quality product or service.  You are an entrepreneur!  You are creating to make money and you might as well get paid TOP DOLLAR for your valuable time.  The trick is finding your target audience online, those willing to pay top dollar, and then grow your engagement and sell there.
  • You have to pay to get noticed on Social Media.
    While paying can help boost your presence on social media, you do not have to pay to get noticed.  What you must do is create consistent engaging content, constantly interact with your followers and let your followers get to know the real YOU.
  • If I give away my trade secrets, I will lose business.
    Not true. The people who want to make your product would never buy your finished product because they are a crafter and already feel in their heart they can make it.  The people who are buying your finished products are those who don't have the time or talent to attempt to make what you are already selling.  So why not make money from the best of both worlds?

Your Knowledge Is Your Most Valuable Asset!

People already want to learn to make what you make!  What if you had a way to sell your creative knowledge to your fan base?  A way to create multiple income streams like videos, a blog and ebooks?  Then what if you had a full-proof solution to marketing this through email and social media?  Just imagine how much your fans will pay to learn from you!  Whether it be a digital design or full out instructions, shoppers are used to buying and downloading online.

I've learned proven techniques over the years on ways to consistently grow my social media reach to over 90K and my email list to over 25K.   I have used these same techniques to gross over $100,000 annually from my creative business*.  I've increased my profits every year since I've started selling online and you can too.  

I'm not the only one selling creative knowledge to generate money, there are many others including bloggers, artisans, graphic designers, chefs, quilters, etc.  You name it and there is opportunity to make money teaching it!

You don't have to be a master to sell knowledge.

You might be shocked to find out that these creatives selling knowledge are not perfect and not polished by any means.  Most create their online courses from a laptop or maybe video in their garage.  You do not have to have perfection in order to make money.

So if you’re sick of giving your work away for next to nothing, or your wheels are spinning with ideas of selling online but you are not gaining traction or you’re ready to focus your efforts and increase your profits this year, then I am here to help you sort through all the madness.

You Need Guidance, You Need Strategies, You Need


I’m ready to teach you!!  I'm ready to teach you EVERYTHING that I know about running a successful online creative business with my Success Circle Membership course.  In my course I will teach you ways to make extra money such as how to master social media marketing, ways to build a raving fan base, and how to create additional income streams making you a true "Entrepreneur" or should I say Creative-preneur.  I want to help you determine the best ways to take your knowledge, your God-given talent, and generate more money.

How does the Success Circle Membership work?

Using my Private Success Circle Facebook Group, each month I will post a detailed Training Video giving you my very best knowledge on a specific topic.  These topics are ways to make extra money online.  I will teach you everything you need to know about these topics in order to start making it work for your creative business. 

I will give you Important Steps you can take immediately so that you can work through your training during the month. 

A Question & Answers video where you will post your questions in the group and I will respond and answer with video. 

At the end of the month I will have a LIVE conference call with the group so that you can ask me any questions on this topic.  I promise to give you Personal Attention, Support and Guidance!

And since most topics take a lot longer than a month to master, I will also be recommending Additional Resources that have helped me learn the topic and to grow my creative business so that you can keep learning even after the month is over.

Who can benefit from this Monthly Course?

Etsy Sellers, Amazon Sellers, Bloggers, Wreath Makers, Jewelry Makers, Quilters, Doll Makers, Potters, Graphic Designers, Shopify Sellers, Small Business Owners, Mom & Pop Shops…anyone who is in the creative business!

Each Month a New Lesson on Ways to Make Extra Money

Lessons Include

  1. Building a Facebook Page: Detailed instructions for creating a Facebook Page for your Business that generates continued engagement and drives traffic back to your shop.  Includes post ideas, post frequency, call to actions, understanding insights, videos, and much more.
  2. Pinterest: Detailed instructions for creating a Pinterest account for your business and how to use it to grow your sales.  Includes, set up, rich text pins, understanding target market, creating pin worthy pins, boards, keywords, visual arrangement and much more.
  3. Blogs: How a blog will help your creative business and how to use it for generating income.  Ways to create a blog, posts ideas, capture emails, SEO,  and much more.
  4.  Email List Building: Creating an email list, how to get people to join, how often to email, what to email and much more.
  5.  Instagram for Business: Detailed instructions for quickly growing a targeted following and strategies to make sales on Instagram.
  6.  Videos: Detailed instructions on how to make great videos, why video is important for your business, ways to use videos to grow your business.
  7. Etsy Success:  Detailed video instructions of how to use Etsy to sell your crafts, services and digital products.  Learn about SEO, branding, beating the competition, getting sales, networking and more.
  8.  Additional Lessons such as making ebooks, affiliate marketing, how to videos, coaching classes and more.
How to Make Extra Money Online with Craft Business

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What People Are Saying About Julie's Courses

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Julie really wants you to succeed...”

“You have exceeded my expectations! And the support and friendships established through your products are incredible!  I definitely would have purchased from you earlier if I had even the slightest clue it was going to be like this. I feel like I should do something for you. Thank you!"

Estela Patterson

“Learn from the best..”

“Julie always has the best tutorials.  I really like her teaching style too.  She gets directly to the point which I love because I'm so busy already.  I've purchased several of her downloadable products and she always gives way more information than what you pay for."

Samantha Tate
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Julie goes above and beyond...”

“You offer WAY more than I ever expected!  You go above and beyond for us every, single day!  Thank you!”

Kimberly Antley

“Julie always gives extras...”

“You have given FAR MORE than I have ever expected, and the extras themselves are worth a ton. I'm still finding goodies in my downloads to go over and learn.  If your pricing was the higher price of others, it would be out of my budget and I wouldn't be learning new things every day!  Your generosity is a blessing and an answer to prayers!"

Dena Willard
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Julie offers WAY more than I hoped for...”

“Your book has been such a blessing to me. But the fact that you continue to educate us with your videos and tutorials without asking for more money is incredible! You are the ONLY teacher who does that, and I appreciate it more than I can say. A lot of these ladies are just starting out with their business and can't afford more than what they paid for your book. Another incredible thing you have done is provide a community of caring and generous ladies on this website who share their knowledge and give support to anyone who needs it. You are The Best!”

Carol Hilton

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How to Make Extra Money Online with Craft Business

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My Lessons Can Work for YOU too!

John Doe UI/UX Designer

“Extremely pleased...”

“I've been extremely pleased with your digital products! You go above and beyond for us! I'm so grateful for all you do!.”

Beth Duncan

“You go ABOVE and BEYOND...”

“IMO you go ABOVE and BEYOND what any customer would ask or expect when purchasing your products!!  The wealth of information you offer in soooo many different ways plus inviting us into this very valuable and supportive community far exceeds any purchase I've ever encountered.  Yet it isn't surprising...not only are you extremely talented and a wonderful business woman who cares about her customers, you have the HEART of a teacher!!  For me, that's all that really matters. Thank you for ALL that you've given...what a real BLESSING you are to so many of us!!.”

Laurie Coxe
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Julie Siomacco, Owner Southern Charm Wreaths
Julie Siomacco
Creator of Success Circle Membership

About the Author

Hey there, I'm Julie Siomacco owner of Southern Charm Wreaths where we make beautiful handmade wreaths and teach you how to make and sell them. 

Just like me, you have dreams worth achieving.  You have the right to wake up everyday empowered doing what you love.  I already educate thousands of creative entrepreneurs, like you, through my blog posts, ebooks and ecourses.  You see, my passion is to teach you to make money with your creative knowledge and your success is more important that just a sale to me, it is my calling.

Afraid Money Doesn't Make Money!

You can't afford not to grow your business.  I understand that money is tight for your business.  Believe me, I have been there myself but can you really afford not learn how to market yourself online or benefit from creating additional ways to make extra money? 

You have to think of this purchase as a business expense in order to expand, which can be written off by the way.  Before any business purchase, I always ask myself; how many items do I need to sell in order to pay for this course?  For most of you, the answer is typically one item or less but occasionally it is more.  So think to yourself, can you sell the amount of items needed to cover the cost of this course?  If no, then I know you need this course!  If yes, get ready to take your business to the next level.  Because after this course you will increase your sales and income guaranteed!

You CAN do this just LIKE ME!

If you think you can't do this, think again!  When I first started my wreath making business, I knew NOTHING about selling online.  Honestly, I barely knew how to make a decent wreath!  But I spent countless hours reading blogs, investing in membership courses, buying online courses from the experts so that I could learn to market my business myself instead of paying someone else. 

I knew nothing about websites, Facebook, ebooks, how to videos, blogs, etc.  Most of the time, I just "tried" it out and then realized there is a strategy to the madness; just posting willy nilly didn't cut it.

I will walk you through the steps.  You will watch over my shoulder as I give detailed instructions.  You can ask me questions if you don't "get it".  If you have seen any of my videos, then you know I explain in detail why I do what I do. Don't be afraid to take a chance on yourself, on your business and on your families income potential!

Courses Are Compact Saving You Time!

I know your time is valuable and so is mine.  I promise not to waste your time by keeping to the main topic for that given month.  The Facebook Group is monitored so that others can not post questions that may be off topic.  We as a group will stay very focused, making the most of our time together.

Take a Break Whenever You Need To!

I promise to cover a lot of information making sure that you get your monies worth.  But I also understand that not everyone is in the same place in their business.  Some of you are new business owners and some have been struggling for a while.  Therefore I plan on covering it all in hopes you get the correct way to set it up and because I don't plan on teaching the topic again, want to make sure ALL questions and answers are covered. 

But if you feel that the month's topic is not a good fit for your business yet, you can cancel at anytime and start back up when a topic becomes more relevant at a later time.  Just follow my Facebook Page on the new monthly lessons offered for that month.

Ways to Make Extra Money Online with Craft Business

  "What You Get" 

  • Facebook Business Page Course
  • Pinterest for Business Course
  • Etsy Success Course
  • How to use Videos to Grow Your Business
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • A community of like-minded entrepreneurs to bounce ideas off of.
  • Using Blogs to Grow Your Business
  • Email List Building
  • Instagram for Business
  • How to make money on Ebooks
  • Monthly Training Videos
  • And more depending on class needs

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by my 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't feel that you have learned anything new and you haven't grown your business reach within 30 days, just let me know and I will send you a prompt refund.

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P.S.::  I know it can be scary working with technology but its because of technology that we get to cultivate new relationships from people all over the world, we can get better acquainted with our customers from right inside their homes, and absolutely yes, we can make money for our families too.  It's because of technology that I've been so successful.  You will learn to love technology when you see how quick your business can grow with it.  Don't worry, I'm here to help you.  You will be watching over my shoulder as I take the steps you need to take.  You can review the video as often as you need to even if you cancel your membership.

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