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Learn Steps & Strategies on how to

turn your crafting into a Handmade Business

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Helping you Grow your Handmade Business One-Step at a Time!


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Facebook Market Place not working?

Tired of trading lots of time for little sales?

Lack technology skills to sell online?

Ready to retire and get out of your 9-5 job?

Use our Guidance & Strategies that Work!

Join me in our exclusive Success Circle, a supportive online community of like minded handmade business owners learning our Signature System for Success.


Are you Overwhelmed or Afraid?

You've taken a lot of time and spent a lot of money to master your trade!

Now you're struggling to put the pieces together in order to build!

Overwhelmed by all the pieces of a creative business and how they fit together?

Afraid because you don't have the confidence, afraid that you might fail or afraid because there's already so much competition!

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If you answered YES to any of these questions,
you've come to the right place!


Meet the Coaches


Julie Siomacco


Julie Siomacco started creating wreaths to make her home warm and inviting while being a stay-at-home mom of three. In 2009 she turned her hobby and passion for wreath-making into a full-time business after her neighbors purchased her wreaths off her door.

She's now the queen of wreath making and do-it-yourself holiday decorator. A master of producing quality works of art on the fly with the heart of a teacher. Julie has turned her passion of faux floral design and holiday decorating into Southern Charm Wreaths, a thriving faith-based business that inspires thousands of crafty people every day. She’s trained in several product lines and stays up to date on trends, products, techniques, and online selling strategies in her industry to give her audience the best advice possible.

She’s been featured online at Martha Stewart Living, Better Home & Gardens, and BloomTV and is the co-founder of Wreath Makers Live, a conference dedicated to educating wreath makers all over the world.

With her expertise and amazing eye for color and texture, Julie is rejuvenating the holiday decorating and wreath-making industry, showing her audience how to be more confident in their creations and teaching creative business owners how to grow a business using the talents God gave them.

Julie’s encouraging and welcoming personality, along with her foolproof tips, has gained her a loyal online following. She offers coaching programs, classes, decorative door wreaths, and inspiration to help her audience create a festive holiday environment for their homes.

She's a Southern girl, born and raised in the South, and has been a resident in South Carolina, USA since 1999.

photo of John Norrell

Meet John Norrell


Hello friends, I am John Norrell also known as The Crafty Tech Guy.

I began my journey with technology in 1988 with a Commodore 64 computer given to my 6th grade math class. My teacher asked myself and another student to take the donated computer home, figure it out and then teach the class. Probably because we were both avid Atari players.

I continued to hone my technology skills studying robotics and computer programming in high school and using all my undergraduate electives to study information systems and programming. While in undergrad at Delta State University, I was asked to help write grants for computer lap funding, then create manuals for products like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, building a website, basics of a desktop computer and finally, teach classes of instructors along with local high school teachers how to use all the new technology purchased for their classrooms.

I was also the go to tech guy with my friends because of being such an early adopter of new technology. Do you remember the Palm Pilot? Yes, I had one in college. I even took technology courses in my graduate programs while studying how to become a college administrator and professor.

My first dive into professional technology was building websites for the Financial Aid office and various campus organizations. When new technology arrived anywhere I worked, I was always asked to install it and teach everyone how to incorporate it into their daily work lives.

Through all my various careers, higher education, owning a skin care center, vice president of sales and marketing all the way to making wreaths, I incorporate technology to make everyday tasks easier and more efficient.

Treat your Business as a Business, not a Hobby!

You're a creative and you deserve to be paid for your creative talents.

If you've ever dreamed of making money with your creations to...

  • supplement your 9-5 job
  • pay your car payment
  • pay for lessons or sports for your child
  • pay medical bills?
  • pay your mortgage
  • DONATE more to charities

I know you have, because creative thinkers are BIG dreamers!

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handmade business production planner

As part of your Success Circle Membership,
you'll receive...

  • Training Videos showing you ways to improve sales, ways to market online, and push through those negative thoughts.
  • Access to past training videos in a membership portal (over 3 years worth of step-by-step instructional videos).
  • Community Forum to ask questions in a private Facebook group where Julie and your like-minded business buddies are EAGER to help.
  • Answers to your most pressing Struggles, we'll ask you what you're struggling with and Julie will answer you in a group live video giving you screen shares too, if needed.
  • And, since some topics take longer than a month to master, we'll be recommending Additional Resources and Expert Guest Speakers who have helped Julie to grow her creative business.
  • You'll receive Attention, Support, and Guidance by someone who has already walked the path!

Training Available to You Today!

Where to start? My proven success path leads you from starting a business with choosing a business name and licensing tips to generating consistent monthly income and includes:

  • Setting up an online presence;
  • How to price your crafts for maximum profits;
  • How to ask for the sale;
  • How to market yourself and your crafts;
  • How to collect payments online;
  • How to tell your story;
  • How to... Etsy, Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Blogging, Email List, Info Products, Affiliate Marketing and more!

You'll have access to our exclusive member community where hundreds of other crafty entrepreneurs help each other out.

You'll be a HANDMADE SUCCESS in no time!


Who Benefits from a Handmade Business Coaching Group?

Etsy Sellers, Bloggers, Wreath Makers, Jewelry Makers, Quilters, Sewers, Doll Makers, Cookie Artist, Cake Decorators, Painters, Potters, Graphic Designers, Shopify Sellers, Small Business Owners, Mom & Pop Shops…anyone who is in the creative business!

Afraid Money Doesn't Make Money

I know it can be scary, uncomfortable and confusing on where to begin to turn that hobby into a businesses. And think of this purchase as a business expense in order to expand, it can be written off.

Do You Have What it Takes?

When I first started my wreath business, I knew NOTHING about selling online. Honestly, I barely knew how to make a decent wreath! But I spent countless hours researching so that I could learn to market my business. I learned I didn't have to be the best wreath maker, I just had to be the best at marketing! Now I can help you cut to the chase and learn from my mistakes.

I'll walk you through the steps. You'll watch over my shoulder as I give detailed instructions. You can ask me questions if you don't "get it". If you've seen any of my videos, then you know I explain in detail why I do what I do. Don't be afraid to take a chance on yourself, on your business and on your family's income potential! This is YOUR TIME to SHINE!

Courses are Compact Saving You Time.

I know your time is valuable and so is mine. I promise not to waste your time. We as a group stay very focused, making the most of our time together.

Take a Break Whenever You Need

I promise to cover a lot of information making sure that you get your monies worth. But I also understand that not everyone is in the same place in their business. Some are new business owners just starting and some more further along. Therefore I opened a membership portal in hopes that you find the level of training you need for this moment in your business.

But if you feel that it's not a good fit for your business, you can cancel at anytime.

image of teacher desk

I know it can be scary working with technology but its because of technology that we get to cultivate new relationships from people all over the world, we can get better acquainted with our customers from right inside their homes, and absolutely yes, we can make money for our families too. It's because of technology that I've been so successful. You'll learn to love technology when you see how quick your business can grow with it. Don't worry, I'm here to help you. You will be watching over my shoulder as I take the steps you need to take.

Start Making More Money with
your Creative Business Today!

I can’t wait to get to know you better inside the group! Don’t delay in joining, another quarter is just around the corner and you can start making sales NOW!



However, you won’t be paying anything near that amount. We offer our Success Circle membership to you for only a fraction of the normal investment because we want to make this accessible to as many handmade business owners as possible.

You can join the Success Circle right now for a monthly payment of $37!

Click the button below to join the Success Circle today!


Payment Policy – By purchasing this product, you understand that this an automatic recurring membership.  You agree that your membership will automatically renew and charge your credit card on file unless a cancellation is made by either logging into your account at or by contacting us here.  Due to the nature of this product, we offer no refunds.

After your purchase, you'll receive an email from us giving you access to the Wreath of the Month Club and more information on how to access the course portal, training, and more. You can also log into your account here and download a pdf version of the email. If you have any problems or questions, please contact us by clicking here.

What Others are Saying

Laurie Anne Coxe
Plum Blessed Y'all

IMO you go ABOVE and BEYOND what any customer would ask or expect when purchasing your products!! The wealth of information you offer in soooo many different ways plus inviting us into this very valuable and supportive community far exceeds any purchase I've ever encountered. Yet it isn't surprising...not only are you extremely talented and a wonderful business woman who cares about her customers, you have the HEART of a teacher!! For me, that's all that really matters. Thank you for ALL that you've given...what a real BLESSING you are to so many of us!!

Christina Brinker
Virginia Wreath Company

I have been taking Julie’s training since the beginning and can’t say enough about how much she and her courses have helped me start to grow my business, getting it to the next level. She’s one of the most generous, fun, caring persons I’ve come across. Her training is superior and she takes the time to go the extra mile if you need more explanation of a topic. Her videos are easy to follow, she’s entertaining to watch, and is willing to go above and beyond to find something out for you if she doesn’t know off the top of her head. The live video calls at the end of each month are fantastic! There is so much to be learned and I’m glad she’s my business coach! If you are on the fence about her courses, It’s definitely worth it! I can say that I’ve learned so much more than what I previously knew, and I thought I knew a lot. Each month is a new topic and I get excited to watch her video’s to see what more there is to learn and implement into my business. I am always looking forward to learning more with Julie! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and guiding us to help grow our own businesses in a very affordable way!

Trina Cooper

Julie’s Success Circle has helped me so much. Now that I work out of my home I don’t feel so isolated and alone in this endeavor. Her weekly sessions have helped me create a newsletter list and create one that I sent out announcing my business was now open, streamlining my holiday craft shows and holiday sales. She is there to answer our questions when we need them answered. Wonderful ideas and tips to help us grow and stretch our comfort zone. I truly appreciate all her time and energy she puts in to this in helping all of us succeed.


Julie’s Success Circle is not just for new sellers, but for anyone in ecommerce – from Day 1 to Year 15 who is ready to move forward, whether needing “what do I do first? guidance or looking for new ideas and motivation. Many times I have wondered where she finds the time to do all that she does for the group – she is tireless. She has given me so many ideas for new things to not only market my business, but in almost every other facet as well. Somewhere along the way, she even managed to add to my confidence to implement the marketing strategies that were harder for me, and I saw the same thing happen to others. I was excited for the people in the group when I watched them conquer their fears and saw the success in their business! “Thank you” does not seem sufficient enough for what she has done for me. The topics are always centered to move your business forward, but somehow many things that are said and learned end up being great life lessons as well. 5+ Stars – Highly Recommend.

Amy Rudy Smith
Ba Bam Wreath

Julie, let’s see what comes to mind~ a woman who is revolutionary in leading the way. Detailed, organized and on top of what’s new~ she shows the wanna be homemaker that dreams can come true! She’s energetic, enthusiastic and a wealth of knowledge. She’s a prime example of how to manage a home life and still run a business!

Bernita Burdick
Trestleglen Treasures

I’m so glad I knew about business coaching when I started my business. I joined Julie’s Inner Circle almost 2 years ago. I knew of Julie from the wreath community for some time. Actually, she’s the one who taught me how to make déco mesh wreaths from her E-book.

Julie’s coaching group was not the first coaching group I had joined. There were several others before hers. I don’t think she was even coaching when I first started. But I’m very glad I made the switch because I have not been disappointed at all and I’ll tell you why.

Julie is very attentive and puts a lot of effort into making sure all her members whether  just starting out or already have a thriving business succeed and are treated equally. That was really important to me because I saw a lot of favoritism in other coaching groups.

Julie shows you by walking you through step by step on various topics including;  how to set up your Etsy shop, marketing your business on all the Social Media platforms, even down to the details of pricing your items.

There’s so much information available at your fingertips in the portal and she’s there every week to answer all your questions and she really does! There is also a monthly call where you can get face time with her for more questions. If you have been sitting on the fence about joining her group, I highly recommend you jump. You will not be disappointed!

Debbie Millerschultz

If there was 1 thing I could say about Julie's Success Group it would be....DON'T WAIT, DO IT SCARED AND JOIN!  It has taken my barely even a hobby, to a growing, thriving business in just 9 months!  I learned so much it was overwhelming at first and after just implementing even a few of her proven strategies, I've earned enough to hire a cleaning lady to help with household chores so I can work full time at wreath making!!  I never dreamed that in such a short time I would actually be where I am now and so excited about my future at 59 years old!  Julie has been there and understands the ups and downs of the business and supports us every step of the way with her incredible knowledge of making, marketing and selling handmade products!  If you will put the work in and follow her lead you will be successful!  I guarantee it!

Suzi Kemp Simmons

Not a brag post but a praise and gratefulness post. I just made my 200th sale on Etsy! Julie thank you for all the information and encouragement and knowledge you have shared! I truly would not be where I am without you!! I can’t tell you how many challenges I have had and I hear your voice saying “ you are a professional, you’ve got this! I needed this business to work for so many reasons and it is.

I hope this encourages someone. I remember someone posting about their 200th sale last year and I said “I want that”! And my 200th cha-Ching was beautiful music to my ears. I still have a long way to go to meet my long term goals but I am on my way.