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Becoming a Bow-Making Ninja is Quicker and Easier Than You Think with our Well Defined Formulas to Save You Time & Money

Do you ever wonder...

  • What size bow to use?
  • How to make trendy, multiple ribbon bows?
  • How to use bow making tools to reduce pain in your hands & ease of holding?
  • How to make the various bow styles seen on Etsy?
  • Where can I find the best materials for low prices?
  • Want to perfect your skills so you can be confident and sell more?
Bow Masterclass - Four Ribbon Layered Bow

If you answered YES to any of these questions, then this BOW-MAKING Mini Workshop is for You!

I’m going to give you the Fastest Shortcut to How Professionals Make Big, Pretty Bows For Their Wreaths, Mailboxes, and More!

Maybe You’ve Always Wanted To Know How To Design Big Money Maker Bows! We’ve Got You!

Friend, stop spending money to have others create for you and start making bows yourself!

You Have The Skills To Create Bows Like A Professional & I Am Here To Help You Elevate Your Skills… FAST


I Can Help Anybody Create Beautiful Bows!

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About Julie Siomacco

Hey Friend! My name is Julie Siomacco and I started creating wreaths to make my home warm and inviting while being a stay-at-home mom of three.

In 2009 I turned my hobby and passion for wreath-making into a full-time business after my neighbors purchased my wreaths right off my door.
From that random purchase on my doorstep, to today, many know me as the queen of wreath making and do-it-yourself holiday decorator.

I take pride in being a master of producing quality works of art on the fly with the heart of a teacher.

If my work can inspire you to turn a passion, like mine, of faux floral design and holiday decorating, into something like Southern Charm Wreaths is today, then I have done my job for you.

Southern Charm Wreaths has become a thriving faith-based business that inspires Millions of crafty people, just like you, every day. It’s been a huge blessing. I’ve been trained in several product lines and stay up to date on trends, products, techniques, and online selling strategies in my industry giving my audience the best advice possible.

It was an honor to be featured online at Martha Stewart Living, Better Home & Gardens, and in Florists’ Review Magazine and to be the co-founder of Wreath Makers Live, a conference dedicated to educating wreath makers all over the world.

With my expertise and a keen eye for color and texture, I've built a community that has helped rejuvenate the silk flower and holiday decorating industry. My passion is teaching my audiences how to be more confident in their creations, mindful of their thoughts, and teaching creative business owners how to scale a business using the talents God gave them.

God has blessed me. First with a beautiful, healthy family but also the opportunity to use my talents to inspire a loyal online following. These days, you can find me in South Carolina, USA relaxing on my boat or traveling with my supportive husband, DJ Mike!

What is the Bow-Making Workshop?

An in-depth online training class dedicated to all things bow-making. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a more advanced crafter, this class has something for everyone.

We start with the basics of making simple one-ribbon bows to more advanced five-ribbon bows.

I developed this workshop so that my students could be more confident in their wreath making but in all honesty, we use bows for decorating all year long.

For years, I've been sharing my talent of making bows to my church family, neighbors, friends, school, and sports functions, you name it... it can use a bow!

You will be "bow ready" for all your decorating and DIY projects for life after this mini workshop.

No matter how you want to use your newly developed skill, it will change lives and I have the experience to guide you.

fall leaf bow on white background
Bow Masterclass - Two Ribbon Wreath Bow


christmas bow on white background
Bow Masterclass - Three Ribbon Funky Bow

What You'll Learn...

  • Access to the Bow-Making Mini Workshop online course with pre-recorded training videos on how to make one, two, three, and four ribbon bows!
  • A list of my Top Three Favorite Ribbon vendors
  • Our bow-making template to help guide you on your bow-making journey.
  • PLUS... a Bow-Making Recipe E-Book for you to save to reference all the different bows made during the course.

You'll learn how to make lots of everyday, seasonal and holiday bows and how to use them in your decor, no matter the occasion.


Imagine bows for:

Baby Showers

Wedding Receptions


4th of July


Mardi Gras

Gift Wrapping

Tree Toppers


Lamp Posts

The skills learned can be applied year round. You'll have access to multiple bow tutorials so you'll learn something new to improve your skills making you more confident!

Are you a bow making newbie? I welcome you! This Mini Workshop is PERFECT for beginners and experts alike! Have you ever taken a class where you just didn't get it? Don't worry! I teach in a very easy manner and I promise, you WILL get it! Faster than ever before.

Do you already make bows? I welcome you too! Anytime you get with other creatives in your industry, you WILL pick up a tip or two, maybe learn about a new product or discover, the newest storage ideas, or something you didn't already know.

Do you want to make bows for an income? You are welcome here and this will keep you in the loop with new techniques, trends and styles as well as, start to build a portfolio of what you can accomplish.


halloween bow on white background

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this work?

The Bow Making Workshop is a course of pre-recorded tutorials from our Bow Making Masterclasses online course on our website and video replays with Julie Siomacco.

Available for you now in the online course are pre-recorded bow tutorials on how to make various one, two, three, four, and ribbon bows. Also available are resources such as a list of Julie's Favorite Ribbon Vendors and our Bow Making Workshop Recipe Book.

After your purchase, click on the Member Login link at the top of our website. Then click on the Bow Making Workshop circle. This gives you access to our online course.

Do I need any supplies?

No. Supplies are not needed for this Workshop. However, if you wish to practice along with Julie, you will need 1.5" and 2.5" wired ribbon, scissors, and pipe cleaner or 22 gauge florist wire.

You deserve a home you feel proud of and comfortable in! Let me help you decorate it for the seasons with our bow making workshop tutorials!


Join the Bow Making Workshop today!



However, you won't be paying anything near that amount. We are offering this Bow Making Workshop to you for only a fraction of the normal investment because we want to make this accessible to as many people as possible.

That's why you won't be paying the full price!

You can join the Bow Making Workshop right now for just a limited time offer of $9.97!

Click the button below to join the Bow Making Workshop today!


Payment Policy – You agree to this one-time payment of $9.97 for the Bow Making Workshop. Due to the nature of this product, we offer no refunds.

After your purchase, you'll receive an email from us giving you access to the Bow Making Workshop and more information on how to access the course portal, training, and more. You can also log into your account here.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact us by clicking here.


Our Wreath Making of the Month Club is currently closed to new members but we are giving you the opportunity to join with a 3-MONTH ACCESS PASS today and get the Bow Making Workshop FREE!

What is the Wreath Making
of the Month Club?

The purpose of our Wreath Making of the Month Club is to help you FIND YOUR JOY using Faux Flowers.

Whether that be to...

  • make pretty items for your own home to lift your spirits and make your home warm and inviting;
  • create designs to give away to family and friends as gifts, lifting their spirits so that they feel loved;
  • make items to donate to silent auctions to help raise money for a cause near and dear to your heart;
  • make quality designs to sell to help pay for family expenses.

This is Julie's wreath journey, she's done all of the above. No matter how you want to use your newly developed skill, it will change lives and Julie has the experience to guide you.

Your subscription includes 10-12 new tutorials monthly, Q&A session, monthly wreath critique, and a wreath community for support and to make lifelong friends.

Price includes $74 for a 3-Month Access Pass for the Wreath Making of the Month Club and the Bow Making Workshop FREE.


Payment Policy – By purchasing this product, you understand that this an ONE-TIME PAYMENT of $74 for the Bow Making Workshop and a 3-Month Access Pass to the Wreath making of the Month Club. This is not a subscription to the Wreath Making of the Month Club and your membership will not renew at the end of the 3-month access pass.

Due to the nature of this product, we offer no refunds.

After your purchase, you'll receive an email from us giving you access to the Wreath Making of the Month Club and the Bow Making Workshop and more information on how to access the course portal, training, and more. You can also log into your account here.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact us by clicking here.

What Others had to Say


"Julie goes above and beyond! I came into this class only knowing how to make one bow and have left it armed with an arsenal of knowledge and confidence. She truly and genuinely wants you to learn and she is an amazing teacher! I will be taking any classes she offers in the future!"


"Julie, I can never Thank You enough for all I have learned in your class…You are absolutely the best, taking your time to show us step by step…Most teachers don't do that they just want to rush through it…Again Thanks so much, I have enjoyed every minute of your class…Have a wonderful summer…"


"This class is fantastic. Julie's method of teaching allows the student to see and hear the process of making the bow. It also gives the guidance the less experience need regarding color, quality, pattern and size when choosing ribbon. And, of course, her experience in overall wreath design as to bow placement is essential. The class is such a great experience for all skill levels."


"Love this class. For the first time I feel confident in making a bow that actually looks like a bow a professional would make. Can't wait to make all kinds of bows. Thank you for all the valuable information."


"Julie is so good at making beautiful bows and she makes it look so easy. She reminded us often to practice, practice to become more proficient ourselves. Julie is enthusiastic and wants her students to succeed. She is a really good teacher. I learned so much! Thank you Julie!"


"Even after making wreaths and other designs for the last few years, I still learned new things. From choosing ribbons to new styles of bow that I haven't learned! Julie does an excellent job of explaining and demonstrating all the tips and tricks you will need! So worth the investment!"


"This class is fantastic. Julie is a wonderful teacher with a great personality. She not only takes you from the beginning logic of how to pick out ribbons, match colors using a sign or the color wheel. She covers the quality of different ribbons, suppliers, and then starts to teach how to make the bows. She goes over each style of bow in great detail making them both by hand on a bow master. She answers all the questions students ask and is just a great teacher. I've made bows in the past, but learned new techniques and how to correct bad habits I picked up. Anyone taking the class will be delighted and feel that the cost was well worth it. I can't say enough good things about Julie and the class."


"This is an awesome bow making marathon and well worth watching! Julie is a good teacher, explains everything in detail, and shows you hot it's done. She goes above and beyond to make sure everyone understands the process. I appreciated the beginning videos explaining how to choose ribbons and colors as well. The close up video of Julie's hands showing exactly how she hand ties her bows in invaluable. If you missed this, jump on it, you definitely won't be sorry. Thanks again Julie for such a terrific bow making master class!!"


"I can make a bow, but Julie showing us how she makes them really brings it up a notch. I cannot believe how good my bows look now. Love how she gives you the recipe for a good bow. I will now be making the 2 and 3 ribbon bows. If you are new to bow making or know how to make one, Julie takes you step by step and answers you personally. Well worth the money spent. No question was a bad question. Just ask! Would really recommend this to anyone. Thank You for helping me."


"I really enjoyed how you go through every step in the process and using the bow maker and by hand. You are so amazing for sharing your talent with us. Thank you!!"