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An exclusive 6-month program to turn your crafting hobby into a crafty corporation!

Instead of making hobby money, learn to make “quit-your-9-5-job" kind of money.

So you're ready to level up your business from mass producing Etsy listings? Awesome.

I know from experience that cranking out handmade crafted products all the time is tiresome, not to mention the inconsistency of the sales. Am I right?

Holiday sales are done- you know what I’m talking about- the “seasonal slump”. Then frustration and the negative chatter starts in your brain.


  • "I'm never doing this again"
  • "I remember when I used to LOVE crafting."
  • "I'm going back to just doing this for friends and family."

It’s  men-ta-lly exhausting.

And then, you start to lose your passion for the craft. The passion and excitement you had when you first started. Remember those days? markets and birthdays...PTA Auctions and Christmas showers and wedding gifts…

Looking forward to every season with joy - and a lot of time on Pinterest! HA! 

But the time...that seemed to disappear fast too...Where does all the time go in the day? Trying to fit in all the things "inventory, making, listing, customer support, marketing", it can be overwhelming! You’ve had enough.

Friend, it doesn’t have to be this way. I know this - because I’ve lived it.

Copy of Untitled (2)

What if I said you can make MORE REVENUE,
while making a DIFFERENCE in the world, and WORK LESS!

More than anything - you can make money, and LOVE CRAFTING AGAIN

I can show you how.

About Julie Siomacco

I'm Ready to Teach You Strategies that Work!


I'm Julie Siomacco, owner, founder and lead designer of Southern Charm Wreaths, LLC and owner, co-founder of Wreath Makers Live, LLC. Having served 10 years in the financial sector as a business executive, I stepped away to be a stay-at-home mom of three. #Familyfirst!

In 2009, I took my passion for wreath-making and transformed it from hobby to full-time crafty corporation. I'm self-taught (just like you!) with a natural gift for color and design. 

Ten years ago when I started my business it was fun and I really didn't take it seriously. I mean it was nice to have extra money to buy a new roll of ribbon now and again. But my goal was to afford to make designs in order to decorate my house for the holidays. Because I could not afford a designer price tag, you know what I mean?


Then the hubs lost his job and it devastated us. We were not ready for it and I was scared. Scared we couldn't pay the mortgage, scared the lights would be turned off, worried on how we would put food on the table.

After much prayer, yes I'm a God girl, and my research superpowers learned while working in the financial industry, it came to me. I could teach my craft!

And off I went to the races turning my crafting into a BUSINESS right on my kitchen table...But it did not sell right away.

In fact, crickets. You know what crickets sound like? It happens right after holiday sales and before spring sales begin. Deafeningly loud.

But then through lots of trial and error, I discovered a strategy for marketing my products, making more sales and turning my customers into raving fans!

siomacco family picture

In just a few short years, I built a thriving multi six-figure business.

After the success of my business plan, my inconsistent sales situation went away. We were able to pay the mortgage again... but more importantly, through the years, we’ve been able to donate more than ever to charities making a difference in the world all because of my (not so little any more!) crafty business.

This can happen for you too!

While I'm known as the “queen of wreath making” in the industry - I've been coached by some of the top names in the online sector and now a certified corporate consultant, which means I’ve helped THOUSANDS of artisans, like you, create a business plan of action.  

No more:

  • Confusion about prices 
  • Struggling to get customers
  • Losing money on the wrong or too much inventory
  • Figuring out what products are ACTUALLY going to sell
  • Feeling slimy asking for the sale

Helping you validate business ideas, create sustainable and scalable systems, and increase profitability, all while developing a meaningful journey with your customers.

And my process can be duplicated, over and over. 

Now instead of standing and cranking out handmade products in a hot garage (which is not fun with glitter) and relying only on my Etsy shop sales. I have other revenue streams with consistent income my family can count on. Income that happens in my sleep and while on vacation.

But the REAL TRANSFORMATION came when my customers would send me letters in the mail (yes, I said mail) and emails telling me how I've impacted their lives. Giving them courage and confidence to make life changing decisions that had nothing to do with wreath-making.

  • Overcome Alcoholism
  • Help fight Depression
  • Courage to leave an abusive relationship
  • Courage to Start their Own Business

We’re wired to take action but there’s nothing scarier than having an idea or dream and not knowing how to turn it into a reality or want to do something that they don’t yet have the confidence to do.

But what if you didn’t go it alone?

I can guide you and save you from the mistakes I made.

That’s why I’m inviting you to my exclusive 6-month program,


What we will accomplish:

  • In-depth Implementation Help taking your online craft business to the next level
  • Developing meaningful purpose for your business (hint: it’s not just to make money)
  • 1 Detailed Group Training each month (6 trainings)
  • 1 Group Q/A Call answering questions on training, hotseat implementation (5 calls)
  • 1 30 Minute 1 on 1 call with Julie full of strategic strategies on how to scale your biz (5 calls)
  • Guest Instructors 
  • 1 in-person Meet Up/Accountability Meeting in Columbia, SC and any hands-on techniques needed (date TBD)
  • 6 Months Free Access in Julie's Inner Circle/Success Circle
  • Exclusive coupons for supply shopping to various online shops
  • Speaking Role or Designer Role top consideration inside Julie's groups and at future events 
  • Vendor Booth Discount at future WML or SCW Wreath Retreats!

Each Month is Structured to Hit a Business Goal:

  • Month 1 - Assessment

We’ll dive deep and I’ll help you evaluate your business and future goals. We’ll discuss the various ways to make money with your talents and what’s currently available within the crafting industry to help you cultivate a sustainable business. Learn to determine what income streams align with your strengths and your life’s purpose.

We'll also discuss the importance of email marketing and why every business, no matter the size should be using to scale a brand.

  • Month 2 - Putting Your Crafty Corporation in Order

Once I get to know your purpose from month one, learn how to create content that feeds into a systematic income generating plan that help fill in the gaps in a craft-business.  Learn to streamline to become more efficient, working smarter not harder.

  • Month 3 - Setting Up Email

I consider email a superpower when it comes to the scaling of my online craft business!!  You can create the best products but if your past customers or potential customers don't know you've made them, you’ll struggle to make sales.  This month, you’ll learn how to effectively set up your email service provider in a way that will scale with your business.

  • Month 4 - Crafty Email Construction

In this month, you’ll learn how to effectively outline your email sequences, build them to make them look professional and work seamlessly.

  • Month 5 - Implementation

This is the moment you’ve been waiting for! You’ve done the work of crafting the perfect emails for your audience. So this month learn to launch your email campaigns following a specific strategy that feels comfortable and not sleazy. And establish ways of promoting so as to acquire more potential customers to your email list.

  • Month 6 - What to Write

This month, we’ll discuss the importance of engaging your audience with your brand via emails and create a timeline of when, frequency of writing to your list, and explore topics of what to write. As well as ways to engage your customers and potential customers to your brand, thereby increasing sales.


Receive “Etsy Quick Start Guide” - a step by step guide to quickly optimizing your Etsy shop helping you get found on Etsy and Google Shopping. ($10 value)

Receive “Time Management Worksheet” a worksheet and training guide to help you map out more time in your day in order to be more productive. ($27 value)

Receive “Affiliates Sales Strategy - Case Study” - a step by step guide for promoting courses which I follow when promoting other people’s courses. It’s made me enough money to buy a year’s worth of college for Miss K for two years straight! ($77 value)


Stop waiting for CONFIDENCE, confidence comes FROM DOING!!!

How Will I Know I'm Ready?

Makers Mastermind is for creative entrepreneurs wanting to learn how to grow and scale a successful online business while making a difference in the world with their purpose and God-given talents. You have something special to offer, the world is waiting and this year you’re going to make it a reality. I’m excited to help you through this journey.


Some of the crafty businesses that have seen significant growth with my business coaching:

Alana and Bill
Trendz and Gemz

Lori Jacobs
Hard Working Mom

Laurie Anne Coxe
Plum Blessed Y'all

Dustin Gibson
Flower Paradise Florist

Karen Gresham
Crafty Creations

As a crafter newly transitioned from craft shows to Etsy, I’m glad that I signed up for your Mastermind group!  Your videos and live sessions were full of practical, concise information that I could act on to improve my business and my crafting.  Your one-on-one conference calls were incredibly valuable.  On more than one occasion, you were able to walk me through solutions to problems I had encountered with my Etsy business.  You are genuine in your communications and your enthusiasm for all of us in your group – our meetings became the highlight of my month!  I learned so much about growing my business and more importantly, I grew as a person from your course.  Thank you for your inspiration and I look forward to Mastermind 2.0


Debbie Henkes
Santa's Secret Shop

Whenever I would hear the word, “funnel”, I would automatically think, “Funnel Cakes”.    After taking Julie’s Mastermind, I now think of other things besides food when I hear the word, “funnel”.   I now think of  business strategies, ways to increase customer engagement, opt-ins and many things that lead to sales as well as keeping your customers.   It does not matter in what stage of your business you are.  Whether you are an Etsy shop owner hoping to further your reach, OR a brick and mortar entrepreneur looking for advanced strategies on how to grow your business, OR someone who has three business ideas and wants to either narrow it down to one or figure a way to incorporate all three (yikes . . . that was me), The Mastermind is for you.

One thing that helped me during this Mastermind, was the encouragement and “push” that I needed to put “old” ideas and former business plans into action.  The one-on-one calls with Julie cleared my spinning brain and got me on a realistic path.  For the first time, my "business"  has a roadmap.  I have direction!  The unit trainings were created to make us think, brainstorm, sharpen our skills, and to actually see our plan, implement our plan, and to grow in our journey.  Unfortunately, I was not able to attend the meet-up, but I could tell that it was a tremendous learning session that was personable and fun.  She even offered a few surprises, which is just like Julie!  

Cindy MacDonald

Turn Your Hobby into a Crafty Corporation!


This exclusive 6-month program can be yours for a one-time investment of $1,800 OR six equal installments of $309!

Please note this is a small, intimate group experience - seats are limited pending application approval.

Purchase Policy – All purchases final.

Payment Policy - If you choose to purchase using the payment plan, that is great! You understand that this is an automatic recurring membership of $309 monthly. You agree that your membership will automatically renew and charge your credit card on file until the end of the program. Additionally, it's your responsibility to keep your method of payments up to date.  If payment lapses by 15 days, you will lose access to all training content.

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