Curly Loop Deco Mesh Wreath Style


We are very excited about a new deco mesh wreath design style that we learned from a vendor show recently!  Why are we so excited?  Two reasons; one, because this style enables us to use some of the more expensive deco mesh (mesh with heavy or wide foil), which keeps our wreath cost down and two, we can use more than one deco mesh color and deco mesh style giving the wreath a more fuller look without having to weave it in and out of the wreath form (just place it in and twist the ties).

We call this style the “curly loop” method because you do cut strips just like the curly mesh wreath style but you end up attaching it to the wreath by making loops, cool huh? If you’ve purchased our ebook, Learn Deco Mesh Wreath Design, and joined our mailing list for free updates, then we emailed you the video tutorial to make this style wreath already.  If you haven’t purchased our ebook, Learn Deco Mesh Wreath Design, then you can learn more about it and purchase it here:

Curly Loop Deco Mesh Wreath method examples






  1. These are really pretty! I think I like them better because of the fullness. Thank you for sharing!!

  2. these are beautiful , ty for sharing them :)

  3. carol whitney says:

    Very nice – I love the fullness it’s great . Thanks for sharing Julie, your the best .

  4. I purchased a wreath from you around Christmas. I wanted to thank you! I have gone on to make a Mardi Gras wreath and Valentines and St Pattys etc etc I never even knew about this deco mesh until you and LOVE the time I get to spend being creative away from my troubles

  5. Dianne Brown says:

    TY for the tutorial. I have one question though…Can I do both the bunching method and the curling method on the same wreath? Your wreaths are beautiful!!

  6. I made my first curly loop wreath and it looks fabulous! My family was very impressed. Thank you for sharing the method! I wanted to send you a picture but I don’t see an option for that.

  7. You have such beautiful wreaths. I was wondering where you get your ribbon from. I am learning how to do these but I can’t seem to find the lovely ribbon that you use. I was trying to find the 2 inch hot pink with black dots. I found the 1.5 inch but not the 2 inch. You give me lots of neat ideas. Thank you

  8. Angie Kennedy says:

    How do you make the blue wreath

  9. What is the bunching method that Dianne spoke of?

  10. The ribbon you use to is it always wired ribbon? Not sure what ribbon to use and how to attach to wreath?

  11. I absolutely LOVE your wreaths. Rhey are all so pretty!!However, when I try to make the curly loop one, my mesh starts to fray once i cut it and starts to not look so nice. Any suggestions?? Thanks.

  12. How do you attach letters to the curly deco mesh wreaths? I tried using wires attached to the form but it doesn’t look right and feels very unstable :(

  13. I love the look of this type of wreath very much and want to know more.

  14. Mary Buonomo says:

    I purchaed your ebook and also got the video to make the wreath above.

    Quick question. how many inches are the loops that you wrap around the tube. I have a hard time doing it that way.


  15. I purchased the ebook, but have never received the video for making this Curly Loop Deco Mesh Wreath Style – could you send it again?

    • Hey Doris,
      I sent it to those who have joined the ebook mailing list. I don’t see where you joined. I found your purchased but not where you joined the mailing list for free updates. I will be sending you an email to join today, please click the link to confirm to join the mailing list in the email. – Julie

  16. Love your curly loop wreath! It is so pretty! Where/how do I get the tutorial?

    Thank you,

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