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9 Ways to make a Bow for a Wreath

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How to Organize a Wreath Making Craft Room

If you are a wreath maker you know you need lots of different things on hand to make your wreaths. With that comes the need for organizing and storing the tools and supplies in order to make beautiful wreaths and other arrangements. Today I am going to walk you through how I turned my garage…


10+ Lantern Swag Ideas You Must Make

This list has lantern swag tutorials that will give you fun and festive decorations for Christmas, Fall, or any day of the year. I have always loved these types of projects because they are so versatile in what materials to use as well as how many steps there can be involved with each process What…


DIY Patriotic Screen Door Wreath

Discover how easy it is to make a fun patriotic screen door wreath. Instead of making a wreath with a bow, this one uses flowers – and you will love how it turns out! How To Make A Patriotic Screen Door Wreath Have you ever wondered how to hang up a wreath on a screen…


How To Make A Flip Flop Wreath

Follow this easy video tutorial and learn how to make a flip flop wreath. This is perfect for the summertime on your front door. How To Make A Summer Flip Flop Wreath Summer is all about sunshine, blue skies, and picnics! I designed this wreath around the whimsical sign that says, “Life Is Better In…


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How to Use an Electric Skillet Glue Pan for Wreath Making

"Using an electric skillet glue pan for wreath making" glue sticks melting in skillet

I shared this wreath making lifesaver on my Facebook page last week for Wreath-Making Tip Tuesday, and today I’m writing to let you know exactly why a glue gun wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. If you’re thinking about getting an electric skillet glue pan for your wreath making business, keep reading and I’ll cover…


How To Price Wreaths To Sell for Profit

How to price wreaths for selling.

One question we get asked a lot is how to price wreaths to sell?  So in this post, get your calculator out and let me explain how to price your wreaths for profit! This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. Click here to read my full disclosure policy. There are many different ways to…


Top 15 Wreath Making Tools Needed for Beginners

If you’re new to wreath making, it can get overwhelming to know what wreath making tools of the trade you need and don’t need.  Here are my top 15 most important tools to buy when you’re first starting to make wreaths.  These tools will make wreath making much more enjoyable. This post contains some affiliate links…


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Show us your ribbon or floral stash!! Just for fun. 😍 ... See MoreSee Less

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Well! I must show the hubs some of these stashes! Puts mine to shame. I need much more ribbon! Got to get busy right now.....orders here I come!🤪🤪

Too.much for one picture!

I can’t. My ribbon is all over the place. I need to get my stuff organized!

I applaud everyone, y’all have marvelous ribbon resources!

Got a ?????? Where does one get the ribbon racks ???!

All my collection burnt in our house fire in December- lost everything- I need to get started back to collecting

I don't have a stash per say as I just started designing wreaths in January but I do have an abundance of the current season I'm working on and more coming in by the week.

i just had a flood. lost my whole art studio. my ribbon floated away! literally!

Looking to expand mine. Where does everyone get there's

Well I thought I had a lot of ribbon. Turns out my storage system is subpar as well!!!

Fall & Halloween...some of it...

Wow i read this post got depressed. I had many nice one's and crafts. Sadly ex husband tossed all my craft's out. I'll take any donations. 😘💕🙏.. Keep on crafting it brings JOY

Oh mine is not fun! Its something out of a horror movie. Maybe I'll show you on Halloween!

Not possible…too much 😂

I’ve started organizing, but it’s a hot mess right now 😂

Is this a setup? Lol

I don't think a picture could capture the ribbon madness here...just sayin!!

Mine is separated into seasons. All I have out right now is fall

Lanyards any themed

I thought it said Sash! Lol

I will have to do that tomorrow. I'm out if town.

I just started to make wreaths. I. Am. So. Jealous! 🤣

What are some of you organizing hacks for your ribbon? Mine is in a tote... its in an awful mess!

This is mine, my husband made my ribbon rack

Mine is too large to get in to 1 picture because I have it in multiple places but this is what I have just in my craft room

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Where are all my tractor loving, country singing friends?!

This one is for you!
... See MoreSee Less

Where are all my tractor loving, country singing friends?!

This one is for you!

Comment on Facebook

This is awesome!

Love it

Love it !

Absolutely LOVE THIS

🙋‍♀️love this!!

Love it.

Where did ya find the green tractor print out,please

Is this for sale

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Airplane flying: love it or leave it?! 😅🙈 ... See MoreSee Less

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I like getting places faster, but I like having a car when I get there. So for WML, we're driving from Tennessee so we can visit family and friends while there.

Love it! ❤️ as long as my feet stay on ground fine I'll take a 🚆🚉🚄🚋love riding on a train or bus

Road trips all the wsy...God to hit every craft..fabric...thrift store from there to back home

Loved it before the pandemic

Loved it pre-covid if it was 10 hours or less. But not ready to try it again just yet. And over 10 hrs did not like.

A total mess now, since the Pandemic,... masks(although I actually prefer a mask on a plan, even before the virus) TSA lines, canceled or delayed flights. We now drive, if it's less than a 9 hour trip. So much less stressful.

Love it just hate airports in my old age!

HATE IT! My worst fear. 😨 And it's not improving as I do it more and get older. Lol.

This time I'm taking the train. I have my own room. Much more private. They even bring meals to your room. And you don't get searched and xrayed and have to take shoes off

Love it‼️ My first time was a few years ago and I went to South Korea. Such a beautiful place. I was scared to death but was like a little kid😁 kept hitting my head on the window saying, It really does look like that from up here 🤣❣

I love seeing everything from the plane windows , I’ve only flown 4 times

Love it! I have only 10 hours before I can get my license!

I love it when it takes me to where I want to go. It’s not enjoyable anymore, having to change planes so often anymore, waiting in line for so long for security checks etc.

Not a good flyer but it takes me to places and people that I love.

Nothing I hate worse than getting on a germ infested, stinky plane and breathing the same air as other people! Although have flown many times!

Will do it but don't enjoy it, especially if there are whiny or crying children or babies the whole flight. I'm just too old and anxious and hate being crammed in such tight quarters. I do love having conversation with fellow travelers. I prefer road tripping.

Leave it. I get alot of anxiety and flight sickness.we flew back from Florida in 2019 to connecting flight in Nashville. Back to Chicago so we could go back to WI. We were ready to get on plane. Bad thunderstorms, we threw around Chicago Airport 3 times. You could feel.plane turning & going up & down it was terrible. Very scary haven't flown since.

LOVEEEEEE. when we lived in Kos Greece( an island in the S.E ),the planes to Athens were HORRENDOUSLY small but for some reason they never had problems n i felt super safe.i LOVE flying and experiencing all the cool airports in difrent countries!

Not too crazy about flying but I sure love the idea of getting somewhere faster.

If I could fly direct it would be fine but I hate sitting in airports.

Dad was a private pilot. I don't like anything bigger than 4 seats because they won't let me sit next to the pilot.

Love it…where we going😬?

Love it…..I used to be a Flight Attendant.

Love it. Taking off and landing. In-between is boring.

I don’t love it but I like getting there quickly!

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As we are prepping for WML, I can't help but know that when it's over --- we will be in FULL SWING holiday mode, y'all!

So here's to enjoying the ends of summer in the creative world!

What's something you've loved about summer so far?
... See MoreSee Less

As we are prepping for WML, I cant help but know that when its over --- we will be in FULL SWING holiday mode, yall! 

So heres to enjoying the ends of summer in the creative world!

Whats something youve loved about summer so far?

Comment on Facebook

Absolutely beautiful!! I love all the flowers and humming bird

That is so beautiful. Love all the colors

Beautiful as always!

We're still technically in the beginning of Summer. 😁

Do you sell wreaths? I need a summer one for my door.

Southern Charm Wreaths what do you use for the base?

Simply gorgeous

Very pretty



Gorgeous 💗


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Glue pans are game changers for serious crafters!!

🌸Use regular hot glue sticks

🌸Use pans that have temperature control

🌸Use inexpensive electric fry pans from Walmart or Amazon

🌸Throw away the lid!! I promise it will stick!

🌸Melt glue to a honey consistency

🌸Temperature depends on the size of the pan and amount of glue

🌸When finished turn off and glue will harden. To use again, turn back on to remelt

🌸Protect your table with a ceramic tile under it at all times.

This is only for the serious crafter! It’s much quicker than waiting on glue guns to heat up.

Let me know your thoughts below!

More tips on our website 👇🏻
... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

I have been wanting one for so long- I just haven’t taken the leap- ♥️

JULIE, what temperature do you usually set it at? I’m sure it will vary some depending on the room temperature (I live in hot 🥵 Florida), but knowing what you set it at will give me a starting point and I can tweak it from there. TIA

I found “the” temperature so leave it on and just unplug it. I kept the lid and put it on after the skillet is cold to keep any dust etc out in case I don’t use it for awhile. Mine has a place in one corner to pour handy for leaving my stick when I’m not using.

Got one after I first saw you use one and bought a skillet! GAME CHANGER!!!

I use the surebond glue pot !!! Absolutely love it 😍

I bought one a couple of months ago on your recommendation. Love it! Thank you! 👏👏👏

Thank you so much for sharing this! This answers all my questions. I will purchase one!

I bought a mini sized electric skillet at a thrift store. It works great!

Actually, the lid will keep dust out of the pan when not in use.

Thank you , you've just saved me from buying awhole lotta glue sticks and from burning my stubby ( I'm amputated on one hand and wrist) yes & I love to craft anyway.GAME CHANGER ❤️👍🏼😉

I found out why people use these now,burnt my finger trying to put glue on a stem with a glue gun.😆

I keep my lid on when it’s heating up. Cuts down on the smoke fumes and speeds up the melting time. When it gets hot, it unsticks.

I had a glue skillet I went back to surebonder skillet I was frying that glue lol I think my settings were too high

I will add that I hate having to constantly add glue sticks to the gun and they not advance etc. And on top of that.. all the drips and strings can be added right back to the skillet but I can't put them back into the glue gun. I just try to use every little thing and not waste anything.

I’ve been using a personal size electric skillet for that very thing for a couple of years, definitely worth it!

GLUE skillet is a true blessing for making Wreaths ,etc. I have a small one and use an old microwave glass tray underneath.

I burnt two mini skillets up I use a little stock pot now it one of those hot soup pots

I recently ordered the Presto 8" one from Amazon.

You need the handles as the coil is on the bottom of that pan

I love using my glue skillet! Makes it so much easier. Yes!

I found a regular size pan at a yard sale, put 2 metal pie pans inside then put the glue in those. Kept the pan nice for a long time. I always put a bowl of water beside it in Case of drips that burn my fingers.

Always used an inexpensive skillet. So much handier. If the glue has an odor when warm, turn down the heat! It should not smell at all and should be light in color.

No burns since I have been using mine

Much easier to use than a glue gun, however, I occasionally have a need for the glue gun. Have a great day!

What temp do u uselly put urs on

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