Our Faith Will Always Be Forefront

We believe that our talent is given to us by God and God fully expects us to use it to serve others we come into contact with. Because of all that He has given us and provided, we will always be giving Him the glory in all that we do here at Southern Charm Wreaths.

Be Passionate and Enjoy What you Do

When asked why we do what we do, the answer always comes back to because it's so much fun! Why shouldn't you have fun at work?? Anyone who watches Julie make a wreath or give motivational support can see her face light up! She's passionate about teaching all that she's learned on the art of wreath making and growing a creative business.

Customer Centricity

We are committed to serving our customers with the top notch service they deserve.  We never lose sight of our mission! We are not satisfied with simply meeting customer expectations. We will try every day to raise the bar and give our customers what they deserve. As the great Henry Ford once said, “It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages.”

Honesty & Integrity

Always follow the “Golden Rule”. Treat others as you would like to be treated. When you are caught in a situation where you have to make a quick decision, you cannot go wrong if you make that decision with the best of intentions and our customer’s best interests in mind. Act with Integrity. We truly believe that if we honor others in our business, honor will follow us.  We take pride in doing the right thing even when nobody is watching.

Teaching Heart

We will take the time and effort and remain patient in order that we can teach anyone, no matter their skill level.

Inspirational Heart

We will always be uplifting providing creative and spiritual inspiration to our customers and fans in order to be a place where they can happily escape from the hustle of their lives and feel good about themselves no matter their skill level.

Loyalty & Commitment

We will never forget those who helped get us this far. Many small companies that experience significant growth will shift priorities and focus on a bigger prize… often at the expense of their current customers. We would not be where we are today without our loyal customer base, and we will continue to give every one of our customers top notch customer service no matter who they are or where they are from.


Our team is part of our extended family. The “We’ve got your back” mentality is strong, just like it is in your own family. This notion of family perpetuates our culture, and as such causes our team to go the extra mile in helping each other and our customers to be successful.


The dictionary defines arrogance as “an attitude of superiority manifested in an over bearing manner”. A lot of teachers and many business coaches act this way when dealing with their customers once they start to become successful. We, no matter how large we grow, will always remain humble!!! We know that there are many options out there, and we feel fortunate that our customers put their trust in us. We will stay true to our roots and acknowledge and learn from any mistakes we make along the way.