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When Products Start to Trend

You can use Google trends to determine when people have searched for a specific topic in Google Search, historically. You can use this information to determine when you should have your content or products ready in the marketplace to capitalize on the increased search volume. Below are some examples I’ve used to search for in…

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Planning for a New Year

Ya’ll you can’t start a new year blindly! You need to have a plan. I’m not just talking about goal setting, like we did January 2018 or January 2016. Yes that’s great but I mean also planning out your time and your attention. Here are things I do at the beginning of a new year.…

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Creating a Productivity Schedule

Listen, we all have lives and we’re all trying to grow our businesses while dealing with distractions, heck even the holidays. Some are also trying to grow a business while working a 9-5 and you’re having a hard time fitting everything in.  This is where a schedule helped me greatly when I started out, when…

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