Ultimate Facebook Live Video Equipment List by Southern Charm Wreaths

Video is where it's at and it's here to stay. If you intend to grow your creative business, you need to be incorporating video some way some fashion.  Purchasing gear can be confusing and believe me, I've wasted a lot of money on buying the wrong thing or trying to save money and buying poor quality in order to save money.  I've received many questions on what I use for my videos, my trainings, lighting, electrical, etc. So, I've compiled this list of my favorite equipment.

Just click the images to learn more about each one.

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This attachment hold my huge iphone 8 plus with clunky otter box case.  I like that this attachment is not spring loaded so it does not break.

This is a floor tripod I use for all of my crafting videos.

I have two of these in my garage. It helps to bring the outlets closer to my work station and it easily rolls back up neatly when not in use.

Ladies, this is Botox in a box! This will remove those wrinkles and even out your skin tones. It also helps to give lots of light to your workstation if you're doing a diy video or for Etsy shop photos.

I use these headsets for recording my business video training courses. I love it because it brings my mic up to my mouth and it also helps to filter out the dog barking in the background.

I use the mic for recording my business Facebook lives as well as training videos from my desk.

This camera is great for doing Facebook lives from my desk or if you want to use OBS software and create Facebook lives of your craft room. It's 1080 giving a great quality picture.

I use this on my floor tripod that holds my Mevo camera or camcorder. It's great that it allows me to move the camera up and down.

I have three sets of these!!  I have a total of 5 lights around my wreaths when I take pictures for my Etsy shop and I have 2 over my craft area when doing a Facebook live DIY.

I use this as a backdrop for my DIY crafting videos in my garage! It totally makes me look like a Pro even though I'm a hotmess behind the camera! HA!

This is my go to tripod for travel. I can go live on the fly using the phone attachment mentioned above. It's great that it's light enough I can carry it while recording and the phone doesn't shake as much but it also works propped up beside my hotel bed so I can go live whenever I feel the urge.

I use these clamps to hold the backdrops up behind me. They are sturdy and work great.

Love my Mevo! However, I find it works best when I can use the Mevo boost to hard wire directly into my router.

This tripod mount is great for holding my phone so that I can go live with my phone and record directly over my workstation and I can also use it to hold my phone closer to my aging eyes so I can read the comments on my Lives.  So my iPad directs the Mevo and my iPhone is what I use to actually read the comments.

Insta stories in my car ya'll! Not when I'm driving obviously but when I'm at a light or stuck in traffic, I can keep up to date on my Instagram stories.

These are the replacement lights I use for my shadow box lights. But remember you're not allowed to dispose of them in your curbside garbage. Check with your are on how to safely dispose of them so that you're not fined.

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