Deco Mesh Wreaths- Twist Tie Dilemma Solved

I love using wreath forms to make my deco mesh wreaths but there are times when the twist ties on the wreath forms are not evenly placed.  When this happens, I have a “twist tie dilemma”!  This happens during manufacturing and there is no need to return the wreath form because I have this very simple fix:

1. When one pair of twist ties are right beside another pair of twist ties (or not evenly spaced with other twist ties on the wreath form), use wire cutters to cut off the misplaced twist ties.  Make sure to cut as close to the wire frame as possible but do not cut the wire the twist ties are attached too. Put the cut twist ties to the side for later use. You should have 1 set of cut twist ties (2 pieces).


2. Twist a coordinating colored pipe cleaner in the correct location where the twist ties should have been placed. Note: When the color of the pipe cleaner matches the wreath form, it makes for a professional looking deco mesh wreath.


3. Continue to tie in your mesh as usual for making a deco mesh wreath and when you come to the pipe cleaner use it as you would a twist tie by placing your mesh inside and twisting it a couple of times.


4. Add your ribbon as you would normally.  You can see a video for how to add ribbon streamers to deco mesh wreaths by clicking here.

5. Keep twisting the pipe cleaner until there is about 1 inch of twisted pipe cleaner and then use wire cutters to cut off the excess pipe cleaner. Wrap the twisted 1 inch part of the pipe cleaner back inside the mesh toward the back of the wreath.


6. Now find the two pieces of twist ties you cut off of the wreath form in Step 1.  Add hot glue to the tips of 1 end of the twist ties and stick them into the mesh where the pipe cleaner is.


7. Add in your ornaments and picks as you normally would. I would not put heavy items on the twist ties you just hot glued into the wreath as they will not be sturdy enough to hold heavy items but you can hot glue lighter items.

Here is a video I took on my phone (sorry for the quality) showing the above steps:


The finished wreath, can you spot the pipe cleaner??


Have you seen my FREE tutorial on making a curly deco mesh wreath? This tutorial gives away my secrets for making a full deco mesh wreath, how I cut my mesh quickly without the use of scissors, why pipe cleaners are my best friend and where to purchase deco mesh supplies. Click on the link below to learn how you can download my FREE tutorial on making a Deco Mesh Wreath!

eguide cover300

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I hope this tip helps you, if so please leave me a comment! Found a better way to fix this Dilemma, if so I would love to hear it!

Happy Wreathing, Ya’ll!

Julie :)


  1. Thank you so much for sharing all of your info with us.I just love everyone of your wreaths.I just oredered the ebook so maybe I can make mine more professional looking.
    Thanks again, Anita

  2. Patti Goins says:

    Thanks, great idea! I had one the other day that one was missing. I always enjoy your tips, sometimes it’s the obvious that is the hardest to see.
    Do you know how to attach burlap to a grapevine wreath to make the loops. I use the metal frame, but they do not come out as full as others i have seem, I’ve looked on line and can’t find a tutoiral or even mention of how it is done. Must be a big secret.

  3. Great tutorial. I never realized this was a problem as I haven’t used many work wreaths!
    LOVE your new graphics and web site….thanks for the post!

  4. Very helpful! Thanks for sharing. Shari

  5. Hi Julie,

    I really appreciate this tutorial and all the other info you share. I will order your learn deco mesh ebook as soon as possible because I want to create and sell beautiful wreaths too. Long story short, I have survived Hurricane Katrina, was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly thereafter, lost my hearing due to chemo. I receive social security and need additional income. I know your ebook comes with a money back guarantee, but I have a few questions. Does it cost a lot to get started in making decomesh wreaths as a business? Would I have to have a business license to purchase supplies from the sources you provide? Do you also contact info for vendors who sell silk flowers and other things used to enhance the wreaths? I’m asking all these questions because I want to be sure that this is something that I can do realistically, especially since my income is so limited right now. I have always loved silk flowers and used to make arrangements. You have lit a fire under me, and I really want to start again but this time with the addition of decomesh wreaths. Thanks so much for the info and inspiration. Your enthusiasm is contagious!!!

  6. Hi Julie,

    While we always tried to weed out any wreath forms with bad spacing problems, you should find them to be almost completely eliminated from new stock this year (regardless of where you buy your frames).

    We worked with the primary supplier of these products to make some changes in the manufacturing process last year. Namely, we advised them to eliminate the garland that the ties were attached to. The garland was the source of the spacing issues. Now, the ties on all new stock are attached directly to the frame, and they are attached using a template for even spacing.

    Thanks for all of your great tutorials!


    Brandon Maddox

  7. I can’t seem to locate the pipe cleaners you use. . . can you suggest where to find and purchase these?

  8. I make my own wreath base using what they have called “decorative trimming” which is really colored garland very similar to what is on the premade wreath bases. They have these at Sams club and I have also seen them at Hobby Lobby. I wrap the “trim” around the base a couple of times to secure, spacing them about 3 inches apart. It is a tedious job but it is cheaper then always purchasing the premade bases.

  9. Ok, I think I might be a little confused. My first question is, those things that look like Christmas tree branches, are those called the “twist ties”?? My second question is, is there any where you can buy the “twist ties” (Christmas tree branches) that come on the pre-made wreath forms separately? I’d honestly rather not have to order my wreath form online because I need to make one very soon and don’t have time to wait. I already know that my craft store sells the metal wreaths… so I’m looking for those “twist ties”. Or should I just solely use the pipe cleaners for now? Thanks so much! LOVE YOUR WORK!!!

  10. Hi Julie! I purchased your ebook and have made a fall deco mesh wreath but the further I get I notice the foil lines in the mesh are twisting and I am having a hard time making my poofs the same size. In other words the right, left and middle part of the poof is not matching in size. I hope you understand and can help me soon. Thank you!

    • You can measure each loop length to make sure they are the same size. Also make sure they are the same height. I wouldn’t worry about which ways the foil lines go, once you add ribbon, you will not notice them.

  11. Dianne Blackmon says:

    Just wanted you to know that I love the e-book that I bought from you.
    Thanks for all the How-To’s. My husband just passed away last Nov.22 on our 46 Anniversary. My crafts are a blessing to me. I loved working on my Deco Mesh wreath for my front door. So I’m going to get busy with Deco Wreaths as soon as my supplies come in.
    Thanks for all the free info.

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