DIY Tulip Wreath Tutorial

DIY How to Make A Tulip Wreath

Tulip wreaths are very popular for Spring and make great gifts, especially for Mother’s Day!  Let me show you how to make a Tulip Wreath using inexpensive tulip bushes from Michael’s craft store.

Supplies Needed:
12″x2″ Styrofoam Wreath Form
5 Yards 2.5″ Weatherproof Satin Ribbon (if you want to cover the form)
16-17 Tulip Bushes (Tip: Purchase when they are buy one get one free or half off. You can estimate how many bushes you need for your form size buy placing them on 1/4 of the wreath form while still in the store and then multiplying that by 4)
Wire Cutters
60 Floral Pin
12 Inches 2.5″ inch Ribbon for hanger

Step 1 – Wrap the wreath form with the Satin Ribbon and secure with a floral pin.
Step 2 – Use wire cutters to seperate the floral stems from the bush
Step 3 – Use floral pins to secure the floral stems to the wreath form making sure to overlap the previous stems. Make sure to place the flowers stems going in the same direction.

Step-by-Step Video How to Make a Tulip Wreath:


This wreath would be great for a little girls room, hostess gift, powder room or anywhere you want to add a bit of springtime to your living space.  Please feel free to share, Pin and let me know how your tulip wreath turns out.

Happy Wreathying,


  1. Susan Ferko says:

    Wreath tutorial! Love the hot pink tulips… always do a beautiful job!

  2. Tammy Roy says:

    Finally had time to check out your new videos….love them and thanks for sharing :-)

  3. I love watching you videos…. I love making wreath also. You do a wonderful gob

  4. tulips and pink heavenly combination

  5. i love your work. it is so beautiful. Your tutorials are clear and easy to follow.

  6. Hi Julie!
    Thanks for sharing this tulip wreath tutorial! I’ve seen these on etsy and loved them hanging on a door, they are so cute and perfectly springy!! I’m so glad I signed up with you and that I am learning to make all these lovely wreaths. I’m still contemplating selling these. but believe me, I love making them!!!!

  7. Beverly Filer says:

    Great tutorial! Thanks Julie

  8. You make it look so easy so I am going to try and make it
    Thank you for sharing.

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