Another Significant Milestone Enjoyed!

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There are only a few times in our lives that we reach milestones of significance and there is no greater joy than watching ones child achieve one of these. It was with great pride that I watched my oldest son graduate from high school this past weekend and it was such a bittersweet moment.

He has been an exceptional role model to his younger siblings and I’m so proud of the choices he has made. He has truly become a fine young man right before my very eyes; such an honor and blessing to have him in my life.

It is sad at times to see his high school journey come to an end but also a joyous time as he begins a new journey in his life by continuing his education at the University of South Carolina. The only university he even considered!

Of course for his graduation party, I had to make a USC wreath to adorn our very proud door. Here he is clowning around in front of it.

Another photo with his brother and sister.

However, the colors for his high school were green and white so I used green and white Poly Deco Mesh for inexpensive decorations. Check it out…

mesh wreaths

I made bows with the Poly Deco Mesh ribbon and hung throughout my house and on my mailbox.

I made these centerpiece swags using Poly Deco Mesh material and a dismantled wreath form (I demonstrate how to make these in my ebook, Learn Poly Deco Mesh Wreath Design). You could dress these up with tall candles on either side or by tying on wooden symbols of his youth (boy scouts, confirmation, etc.) or pictures of him growing up, I just ran out of time.

Poly Deco Mesh comes in all the school colors so you can tailor these decorations to meet your school color needs. While I used two rolls of different colors, some rolls of Poly Deco Mesh come already woven with two different colors on one roll (here is an example at

Thanks for letting me share…now back to working on my ebook. Hope you are all trying to stay cool!

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