20 Facebook Live Ideas for Sellers not Teachers

Why do Facebook lives anyway?

It’s a great way for people to put a face behind the business.  A great way for people to know, like and trust you. A great way to tell your story (we all have one) on why you have a business in the first place. It also is a free way to build engagement up on your Facebook page. If you need help getting started with Facebook lives, refer to the training in the membership portal here.

20 Tips for Facebook Lives Ideas

  1. Unboxing your supplies. Make sure to talk about the quality of the supplies and materials used to make products and how it will produce a quality product once you’ve completed your project.
  2. Show off and ‘sell’ verbally 2 -3 items in your shop. Make sure to tap into the buyers emotions, discuss the details using the senses since a buyer can’t feel, smell or see in person the product.
  3. Do a live showing how to add the finishing touches to the product.
  4. How to unbox your products, how to fluff, how to store, how to dust it, wash it, care for it, etc.  All can be different FB lives.
  5. Discuss your color selection process for an item.
  6. Discuss the inspiration for on of your pieces or a focal point of your product.
  7. Discuss the trends in your niche and educate your buyers on them. You must get to where you are an expert in your industry. You might not feel like an expert because you see others out there who have been doing it for longer but you are an expert when it comes to the average buyer. You know a lot already so share that knowledge with your buyers.
  8. Give examples and ways to display or use your products.
  9. Go live giving a behind the scenes tour of your workshop.
  10. Give instructions on how buyers can buy from you, especially custom orders.
  11. Tell the story on how you got started in the industry or why you started a business.
  12. Give examples on how to use your products during the holidays (Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, Valentines, etc.)
  13. With each FB live, tap into a buyers emotions. People buy luxury items based on emotions not because they ‘need’ it in order to survive.  If you don’t know how a buyer will feel, ask your past customers or go back and read the reviews left. People generally will tell you how your products made them feel.
  14. Show on lives how you prepare the bases or prepare your shop for beginning the production.
  15. Have a virtual sale.
  16. Take viewers with you while shopping for supplies
  17. Go live while at your next craft fair. One live can be how your are setting up, how you displayed your items. Another live during the event reminding them to come visit you. Give them a coupon code to use during the craft fair and get a discount. Do another live after the event with a recap on the people you’ve met and the stories you heard. Let them know where they can still purchase from you.
  18. A FB live answering FAQ you get all the time from your buyers.
  19. Explain how you have overcome struggles in your life or your business. This is powerful because you will resonate with others who are also struggling and you will start to inspire people. This takes your business way beyond what you’re selling but more life changing.
  20. A FB live celebrating business milestones or personal milestones. Every year we celebrate an anniversary of our business. Do a FB live and celebrate. Or if you have reached 100, 500 or 1000 sales, etc. Wishing your customers a happy holiday, happy Mothers Day or happy 4th, etc.


Most importantly, put yourself in your buyers shoes. What would they want to know about you and your business? Then flip on that camera and give it to them!

I hope this helps.


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