May 2018 Advertise a Sale Timeline

So, you’ve stocked your shop and your ready to promote your sale! Here is a timeline of what I’ve done in the past that has worked HUGE for me!

With every social media post and email include:

  • Dates of Sale (July 1 -10)
  • What the Sale is (% off, free shipping, BOGO, etc.)
  • Where to Buy

Days of the week for emails

Always watch the dates and be mindful. For example, most get paid on Fridays. Sunday evening emails are good but not Saturday emails. Wednesday mornings are best statistically. So when you look at the schedule below and you’re in a different year than when this was typed, you will need to make adjustments.

Basically, you want to keep reminding followers and your email list that you’re having a sale.  People get busy and they forget. It’s not that they aren’t interested.  Also, people need to see what your selling around 7 times before they make a sale.  So based on 2018 calendar I would do the following…

Friday, June 29

Email List (make sure to mention they are getting presale info first because they are on your list and you take care of them). This email should be a hard sell email (see example below).

Sunday, July 1

Post on Facebook twice (AM, PM)
Instagram feed
Email list but only a soft sell (meaning if you have something else to discuss or giving other content then you can remind them of the sale)

July 2

Facebook twice (post pictures of your items that are for sale)
Instagram feed or stories

July 3

Facebook twice
Instagram stories
Email List Happy 4th message and remind of sale. Send around 4 PM.

July 6

Facebook twice
Instagram stories
Email list, this can be a soft sell email (see example below)

July 8

Facebook twice
Instagram stories
Email List, list items that have been restocked or you want to bring attention too, reminder sale ends in 2 days.

July 9

Facebook twice
Instagram Feed

July 10

Facebook twice
Instagram stories
Email List in the morning, reminding sale ends midnight tonight


Example of a soft sell:

This week on the blog we have a xyz tutorial [insert hyperlink] using silk flowers and ribbon. I know this tutorial will be one of your favorites. I love that you can easily change out the ___ and the ___ to make it work for any holiday or season.  Click here for the tutorial.

Don’t forget our Christmas in July sale is going strong and we’ve had to replenish a lot of inventory. If you’ve had your eye on something in our shop, don’t delay in getting it since our supplies are limited and I can’t guarantee we can make duplicates for all of our item.  Click here now [insert hyperlink] to save 20% off your order.

Blessings to you,

Insert Name

Notes: If you don’t have a blog post, it could be a youtube video or a facebook live video.


Example of hard sell:

Christmas in July Sale Ya’ll!

Starting today, all items in our online shop [insert hyperlink to online shop] are 20% off!  One of the best sales of the season!

If you’re ready to get a head start on your holiday shopping, I’ve got you covered!  Some of my favorite items that I know will sell out fast include:

Item 1 title [hyperlinked to item in shop], image, price

Item 2 title [hyperlinked to item in shop], image, price

Item 3 title [hyperlinked to item in shop], image, price

See other items in our shop by clicking here [hyperlink to whole shop].

Don’t wait, sale ends July 10.

Blessings to you,

Insert Name


Videos on Advertising a Sale & Canva Help


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