August 2017- Affiliate Marketing






Affiliate Programs & Networks Mentioned
You have to apply to some affiliate programs directly. Amazon Associates is a good example of a program that is large enough that it is self-administered and you apply directly to the program through Amazon at if it is available in your state. When you’re an Amazon affiliate and advertise Amazon products, you can earn up to 10% in commissions on the sale of just about anything.
Note that you may not be eligible to be an affiliate of Amazon if you live in certain states/

Affiliate Networks
Most affiliate programs are run through affiliate networks or umbrella companies. In order to apply to affiliate programs, you will have to do so through affiliate
networks. Below is a list of reputable affiliate networks that I work with and/or

CJ Affiliate (known as Commission Junction)– CJ Affiliate is a large affiliate network and works with lots of well-known brands and stores. Such as Kirklands, Hobby Lobby, Home Depot, Pier One, and others. If you apply for and are accepted into CJ Affiliate’s “Content Certified Program,” you will automatically be accepted into the affiliate programs of certain brands. Content Certified Program gives you access to retailers that are not otherwise accessible through CJ Affiliate.
I recommend that you apply to the Content Certified Program so that you do not have to apply separately to each program, which you may or may not be accepted into–you apply here If you do apply to CJ Affiliate’s Content Certified Program, I would love for you to use my referral code, which is 4707344.

rewardStyle – rewardStyle is another affiliate network that allows members
to link to shopping sites. What makes rewardStyle different is that it works with premium brands and is not available to everyone. To maintain a standard for its premium retailers, rewardStyle does not accept all applicants. I recommend applying because rewardStyle includes tons of lifestyle brands, including Etsy, Williams-Sonoma, Nordstrom, Target, etc.
rewardStyle offers widgets that you can use within blog posts to showcase your affiliate link items. Most importantly, rewardStyle is one of the best ways to use Instagram for affiliate marketing, though I’ve not had time to tap into this yet. Click here to request to join rewardStyle

Share-A-Sale- Share-A-Sale connects you to tons of well-known brands and
makes it easy for you to become affiliates of them. Through Share-A-Sale, I am an
affiliate of Décor Steals, Bags and Bows, Wayfair, etc. Join share-a-sale here

Skimlinks– With Skimlinks, you do not apply to affiliate programs. Simply
apply to Skimlinks and you may then add affiliate links to any merchant that Skimlinks
works with, including Target, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Home Depot, and others. You can click here to apply to Skimlinks

Affiliate Window– Affiliate Window is a fantastic resource if you love recommending Etsy items to your readers because it gives you access to the Etsy’s affiliate program. However, rewardStyle pays higher commission on Etsy items but if you can’t get approved for rewardStyle, you can apply to Affiliate Window. You do have to state that you have an Etsy shop during the process. Being a big user of Etsy, I also purchase stuff for my own home and like making recommendations on my purchases. You can click here to apply to Affiliate Window now

Books, Links & Apps Mentioned in Training
Affiliate Marketing for Bloggers (affiliate)
When does the FTC Act apply to Endorsements?
FTC Online Advertising Law Guidelines
Evernote (when you use my affiliate link get a free month of premium or get the basic plan)

1. What 5 things on your social media are you most asked about? (for example Ribbon, wire cutters, clothes, hair)
2. Based on those questions, what 3 companies could you sign up to be an affiliate with?
3. What are 3 posts that you could write up NEW for your blog using affiliate links?
4. What are 3 of your old posts that you could go back in and be sure an affiliate link is added somewhere?

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