Anatomy of a Facebook Post

Your goal on your Facebook page is to get engagement on your post organically. Organically means, not running an ad on the post. Once you can get a good organic post, then you can decide if you should run an ad.

Your goal is to not make your posts look like a billboard for selling your items. Instead, get your Facebook Page followers to interact with you and your brand and to really take a vested interest.

I know you hear me talk a lot about knowing who your customers are so the sooner you can understand this, the easier you’ll know what to say. But until then, really discuss your brand and the story about your brand with your followers and then pay attention to who reacts, what they say, and who ends up purchasing from you. I have training in the portal here to help understand who your customers are.

Once your followers get to know, like and trust you as a person and a brand, they are quicker to purchase from you.

DOWNLOAD the Anatomy of a Facebook Post 2020 template.

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