Black Friday Sales






Black Friday Sale
Last week of October – First week of Nov stock your inventory and make many items as you can muster.
Run a “pre black Friday sale” – before buyers have time to spend all their money on actual black Friday and before you competition starts their sales.
Set your sale on Etsy using EtsyonSale app to start 8 days prior to Thanksgiving and run until Nov 30 (you can always end it earlier but it will cost more to add on more time if the sale is doing well).
You can do either 1 sale only or 2 separate sales.
I don’t recommend using coupon codes unless you sell face to face as buyers miss seeing them. Just mark down the items using an app or manually.
Use keywords in online shops such as Black Friday Sale or On Sale

If on Etsy, I recommend using the EtsyonSale app. Use this link to receive free credits, enough to run first sale.
If on Facebook, create an event, and invite your followers to join the event. You can tease them daily by showing pictures of items that will be on sale. It doesn’t look like pictures uploaded to events show in your biz Page newsfeed, so you will want to upload some there and keep encouraging them to join your event.

Steps (refer to calendar)
1 . October 24- Nov 9 make as much product, as much as possible 20% more than sold previous season.
2. On Nov 1-2 write down your timeline of events for the sales event & come up with ‘theme’ choosing a background photo for graphics, color, sales discount, what will be on sale (whole shop or section, only xmas items, etc.)
Use stock images from places like (I buy credits NOT packages and there is a free 7 day trial) or for free use
Use which has background images you can also use for free or a $1.
You can also use your own stock photos too.
3. Set EtsyonSale app of Facebook event if only on Facebook to run Nov 16 – Nov 30 but PROMOTE Pre-Sale dates will be Nov. 17-20 and Black Friday Sale dates Nov 24-27.
4. Nov 11-12 Design your graphics for 2 SALES Events (Nov 17-20 & Nov 24-27 or whole Black Friday Week, whichever you choose.) Include:
Sale Title
Dates of Sale
Discount Offered (%, $, or Free Shipping)
Where buyers need to go to purchase (website, Etsy, Shopify, etc.)
Facebook Event Photo (1920 x 1080 px)
Facebook Header Image (828×315)
Facebook Post (940×788 px)
Pinterest Graphic (735×1102 px)
Twitter Graphic (1024 x 512px)
Instagram (1080 x 1080)
Email Header Image (600 x 200)
5. Nov 14 write all emails for Phase 1
Email 1 Schedule to send on Nov 17 4:30 AM EST subject Line “Thanksgiving Sale or Fall Sale”
Email 2 Schedule to send on Nov 19 4:30 AM EST subject line “Sale Ends Tomorrow”
Email 3 Schedule to send on Nov 20 4:30 AM subject line “Sale Ends Today”
6. Nov 15 Schedule Social Media Posts to Promote sale Nov 17-20 (Facebook, Pinterest, IG, Twitter) during high volume.
7. Nov 17 Replace your social media header images
8. Nov 21 write email campaigns for Phase 2
Email 1 Schedule to send on Nov 23 4:30 AM subject line “Black Friday Sale”
Email 2 Schedule to send on Nov 24 4:30AM subject line “Black Friday starts tomorrow
Email 3 Schedule to send on Nov 25 4:30 AM subject line “Reminder Black Friday Sale Starts Today”
Email 4 Schedule to send Nov 26 4:30 AM subject line “Black Friday Sale is EXTENDED)
9. Nov 22 schedule all your posts for the Phase 2 Sale
Note, on Nov 27 you can choose to promote a cyber Monday sale or you’re your black Friday sale continue into cyber Monday, etc.
Continue to make and list items for sale during each sales event.
Sharing, copying and/or transcribing of this content in any way other than for your personal usage without written
permission is prohibited. (c) Southern Charm Wreaths All rights reserved.

Subject Line: Pre Black Friday Sale
Intro: Fall is in full swing here in Columbia, SC and our temperatures are dropping, the leaves are falling and Thanksgiving is just NEXT WEEK! Holy smokes, it’s hard to believe that another year is quickly coming to an end. But it also means that we will be decorating for the holidays too and that’s what I want to do, help you decorate for the holidays!
Sub Title: 20% off Premade Christmas Wreaths
But first, before I forget I wanted to let you know that my pre made Christmas wreaths are currently on sale, 20% off, until Sunday. So if you need a fresh new wreath to liven up your Christmas décor or would like to send one as a gift for that very special person in your life, now is a great time to buy. All my wreaths are handmade using quality materials and sturdy construction. Those big box store wreaths don’t compare, to made in the USA, handmade wreath.
Picture of Wreaths
I will be adding more wreaths throughout the sale so make sure to check my shop HERE often.
Sub title: Holiday decorating tips
Do you use fresh poinsettias to decorate your home? If so, use these tips for taking care of your poinsettias.
Advent Calendar – A great way to count down the days until Christmas is with an Advent calendar. If you are interested in making your own advent calendar this year, consider this idea.

Use a bulletin board (you can paint it if you want or leave it natural)
Find old photos from Christmases past. They can be printed at your local drug store for pennies.
On the back of each photo, use a sharpie or stickers to write a number 1 through 25.
Use thumb tacks to attach the photos in rows number side up on the bulletin board.
Starting December 1, each day, turn over a new photo and reminisce of Christmases past.
If you don’t want to make one, I found some amazing ones on Amazon you might be interested in HERE. [leave out if you don’t do affiliate sales]
Make sure to check out my blog HERE for more decorating ideas. [leave out if you don’t have a blog]
Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook here where I post new items daily and behind the scenes of making my wreath that will be included in the sale.
Your Name

Subject Line: Sale Ends Tomorrow
I hope you are enjoying your weekend and are having beautiful fall weather! I wanted to send you a quick reminder of my pre black Friday sale going on this weekend.
I’ve added these lovey items to my shop and yep, already discounted and ready to ship to you on Monday! How’s that for service. More items will be added tomorrow too. You can find all of my items for sale here YOURSHOPNAME LINK
Picture of Wreaths
Sub Title: How to stage your door for Thanksgiving guests.
You know Thanksgiving is when your friends and family come over to not only get stuffed by your cooking, but also to enjoy your company and catch up. If you’re like me, you want to make sure as soon as they arrive, they feel welcomed before even stepping a foot over the threshold. So I like to stage my entryway.
To do this,
1. Clean up the porch, stoop or patio using hot soap and water. Get the spider webs down and wash everything good.
2. Add a new Welcome mat if yours is worn out.
3. Add one of my gorgeous FALL WREATHS to your door.
4. Anchor each side of the door with pre potted mums.
5. You can also create height with turning wooden crates on their side and adding pumpkins and mums. Or use bales of straw to create “tables” for displaying pumpkins, flowers, etc.
6. Add a lantern and boom.
7. Your entryway is fresh and fantastic for your guests.
8.Picture example of Staged Door way

Make sure to check out my blog here for more fall decorating ideas. [Leave out if no blog]
Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook here where I post new items daily that will be included in the sale.
Your name

Subject Line: Sale Ends Today
I know you’re busy with family life today but I didn’t want you to forget about my pre black Friday sale that ends today. Christmas wreaths are 20% off.
I’ve added these lovey items to the sale and I think they will look amazing on your door. Check out my other items for sale here YOURSHOPNAME LINK
Picture of Wreaths
Make sure to check out my blog here for more fall decorating ideas.
Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook here where I post lots of holiday decorating and entertaining ideas.
Your name

Mailchimp Tips/Steps
Create an opt in or freebie (if using one) and save as a pdf file.
Create a List
Create Sign Up Forms/Opt In Form for List (
Test Opt In and Delivery of Freebie
Create Campaign1 (email 1) and and schedule
Create Campaign 2 (email 2) and schedule
Create Campaign 3 (email 3) and schedule

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