October 2017- Blogs & Blogging Tips

What is a blog?

Why do you need a blog for a creative business. Examples of how a blog can bring in significant income.

How to know what type of content to put on your blog and examples of blog post types.

Ideas on how to monetize your blog.

The pieces of a blog post and tips that are working for me. Example, multiple uses for 1 video. Also, some of my favorite plugins.

Other useful resources

Identify Your Avatar (your ideal reader). This helps you to know what to write about on your blog.

Answer these questions:

What gender is he/she
What age is she
Where does she like to shop
What magazine does she like to read
Does she have pets? If so what, dog, cat other
Does she have kids? Grandkids? If so, ages?
What type of car does she drive?
Where does she vacation?
What’s her hobby?
Where does she hang out locally and online?

Know as much about your audience or your ideal ‘reader’ to help determine what to write about and what sponsors to accept offers from.
Write down what your blogging goals are. Do you want to start a blog? Have a blog but need to post more frequently? What to up your image making game? Need to hire help to manage a blog? Make sure you know what you want to do with your blog and set goals for yourself to achieve them.

Blogging conferences are a great way to network and meet other bloggers. It is also a great way to learn more about how to run a blog. Here’s a list of blogging conferences I’ve heard a lot about and have attended or hope to attend next year:
BlogHer, Haven Conference (larger), Blog Life University (small perfect for newbies), Thrive

For a Complete list of blogging conferences, dates, locations and prices visit this website on a computer, not mobile:

The Ultimate List of 2018 Blogging Conferences

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