Canva – Carousel Post for Enagement

Instagram allows for carousel posts. These are one post but can contain up to 10 images. The viewer is able to scroll through the posts in order to see the next image. You can just upload 10 photos but in this tutorial, I want to show you how you can make them look like a story as if connected together.

  1. Create a custom canva image sized 5400 x 1080
  2. Click File, Show Ruler
  3. Drag guide marks to 1080, 2160, 3240, 4320
  4. Start designing. If you have some of the images overlap, the viewer knows to swipe
  5. Don’t forget a call to action on the last slide (optional)
  6. Download this image.
  7. Go to (free)
  8. Click split image, horizontal, PNG, Blocks 5 for each download.
  9. Save these to your computer and then upload to dropbox or email them to yourself.

When you upload the images, make sure to use the multiple photo (or carousal feature) and upload in order. Then write an engaging caption and use 30 hashtags. Make sure to heart the comments from the post from the day before to notify users and share the post to your IG stories.

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