Canva Training

Video 1
Opening an account
Tool bar explanations
Moving around
Designing with Grids
Photo tips

Video 2
Branding and Brand Kit tips

Video 3
0:00 Text alignment tips
8:29 White Space
11:07 Hierarchy
15:40 Color
18:40 Filters

Video 4
0:00 Facebook Cover Photo directions
0:21 Etsy Cover Photo directions
0:44 Pinterest Pin Directions



Turn all your text into uppercase us the shortcut: Ctrl/Command + Shift + K

Make a border around your text box, press Alt/Option + Shift + B on your selected text

Select elements behind other elements by holding Ctrl/Command + Clicking {note, this sometimes doesn’t work}

Turn the grid on and off by pressing Ctrl/Command : or Ctrl/Command ;

Move layers up and down by using Ctrl/Command + up arrow and Ctrl/Command + down arrow.

Drop in text by simply pressing ‘T’

Move your elements 1 pixel using the Arrow Keys or 10 pixels holding Shift + Arrow Keys

To undo press Ctrl/Command + Z

Select multiple elements by holding Shift + Clicking

Search with Ctrl/Command + ?

Dragging your mouse across multiple elements allows you to select them together.

Make two pages to explore different options.

Command + C and Command + V on another page to copy and paste.

You can drag elements and text across different pages.

Links mentioned

Social Media Cheat Sheet 2018: Must-Have Image Sizes!

Image Sizes
Facebook Cover = 1200 x 675
Etsy Cover = 3360 x 840
Facebook/ Instagram Photo Post = 2048 x 2048
Facebook Blog Link Post = 1200 x 630
Pinterest = 736 x 1104

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  1. Karla Kopsas on May 9, 2018 at 6:11 pm

    You mentioned sending the Brand Kit or how do we get the Brand kit? Is it on Canva?

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