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We’ve covered the opportunities for organic visibility with both Etsy Search and Google Search, and now we’ll explore the paid:

Etsy Ads

If you’re ready to expand your reach and take your shop to the next level, Etsy’s advertising platform makes it easy to drive more traffic from both on and off Etsy to your listings.

Through Etsy Ads, your listings will have the opportunity to appear in Promoted Listings

Promoted Listings – Promoted Listings appear in the first and middle row of search results, on each page.

With Etsy Ads, you set a single daily budget and can see your advertising performance in one place.

Getting started with Etsy Ads is simple: set a daily budget, select which listings to promote, and let the campaign run.

Over time, the Etsy Ads tool will continually optimize where and when your ads appear to help bring your shop the most visits possible, providing even more opportunities to boost your visibility and increase sales.


Etsy Ads Pro Tips

So how can you make sure your listings are well optimized for Etsy Ads visibility?

Pro tips for running an Etsy Ads campaign

The steps you take to optimize your listings for Etsy and Google searches will also help with your visibility in Etsy Ads. Beyond those tactics, there are a few other tips that can help you set up for Etsy Ads success:

Consider seasonality

  • Think about holidays, special occasions, etc. when selecting which listing you promote in Etsy Ads. You can change the listings you choose to promote at any time.

Unique products for sale

  • Promote unique items.
  • Items that catch a potential buyer’s eye are likely to perform better.
    • Personalized or custom items tend to perform really well

Keep your titles on the shorter side

  • Readable titles tend to perform well, like they do in regular search results, but even more so in ads since buyers know these are ads (they are labeled as such!). The longer the title, the more spammy it may look to a buyer.

Do not use watermarks on your listing photos

  • Watermarks on ads do not perform well and come across as spammy. Let your product be the emphasis of the photo and not your logo.


  • Experiment with your budget to find out what works best for you. It can take some time!
  • After making a change and some time has gone by, you can use your stats to measure your performance.
    • Etsy suggests waiting at least 30 days before reviewing the data

Your stats will be able to guide you and help you make decisions

  • Use the impressions and clicks section of your Etsy Ads to determine whether or not keywords and certain photos are working well for you

The below video explains about Etsy ads.
Note: In 2020, Etsy seperated Etsy ads and Offsite Ads (Google).


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