Etsy Sales Tips with Guest Kendra Goodrich

Notes I took from the interview:

Income generating tips for the Summer Months with your Etsy shop…

  1. Do a Purge Sale or Clearance Sale in on a FB Live. Use your Etsy stats section to see what’s not selling. Create a form on either Google or and ask for names, emails and paypal emails.  Post the form in advance in the FB event so buyers have to ‘register’. On the form make sure you ask them if they are willing to receive additional emails so you can keep in touch. Invite your followers and past customers to join your event. Number the products and do a sale on a FB Live. People will comment with the word SOLD and after the sale, you have their forms to send them a paypal invoice.
  2. A Regular Sale – Offer a general discount through the Etsy dashboard. Create a shop section called Last Chance.
  3. Email past customers that asked for a custom order during your busy time but you declined. They may be willing to do something during the summer.
  4. Colab with other Etsy shop owners to do a larger giveaway.
  5. Make evergreen products that sell all year round. Not just holiday related.  Also expand into seasons you’re not already offering like Mother’s Day, Wedding, Graduation, Teacher Gifts, etc.
  6. Hold a social media contest where you ask your followers to post a picture of something that is relevent to your niche. If you sell baby products, have them take a picture of their babies and upload. Pets, the same thing. Home decor have them show off their seasonal decor.

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