Etsy Shop Critique – 10 Top Tips

In this video, watch Julie critique a few Etsy shops.

The majority of changes that people need to make with their Etsy shops are:

  1. Completely fill out the Etsy shop sections including Policies.
  2. Make sure you have clickable and cohesive looking shop and product images.
  3. Use all or most of the Etsy shop photos.
  4. Do your keyword research. Keywords are the only way you can get found.
  5. Use keywords in your shop title, first paragraph of your shop description, product title, first paragraph of product description, and product tags.
  6. Keywords should not have a lot of competition. You want to get seen, not lost in all of the noise.
  7. Put the most important keyword first.
  8. Use emotions in your descriptions and descriptions need to be approximately 300 words. Think how can I improve the life of my customer with this product.
  9. Once a day add products to your Etsy shop increasing daily to a minimum of 50 products in your shop.
  10. Make products where you can sell multiples of the same thing. Etsy algorithm likes to see sales and then renewals.

Thank you for all who participated in this shop critique!

Additional resources:

Etsy Shop Academy here in the portal walking you through every step of creating an Etsy shop by Julie Siomacco

Etsy Keywords for Wreath Makers by Bernita Burdick

Etsy Ebook How To and Why Manual by Lauren Simmons

Other apps: (

Etsy on Sale, login and link up your Etsy shop using this link ( you will get a total of $10 in free credits to use.


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  1. Donna NEWKIRK on November 24, 2021 at 2:34 pm

    This has been a great help. Thank you!

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