How to Use the Etsy Shop Updates Feature

What are Etsy shop updates?

Etsy shop updates are similar to a post on social media, sharing information about your shop to the world.  Creating a shop update creates a post and pushes it out to those who favorite your shop, an item in your shop, or have purchased from you on and in the Etsy shopping app.

What to post?

Anything relating to your shop (not personal) such as: behind the scenes, how something’s made, Etsy feedback, client photos, new items listed, photos not listed in Etsy, items in use, coupons, promotions, inspiration for your items, how to style your items, etc. Be creative.

What can Etsy shop updates do for your shop?

Posting an update will push notifications on the dashboard to those who have favorited your shop, an item in your shop or those who purchased from you.

How often?

Post 1 – 3 times per week

Etsy states, “The more updates you post, the more often you’ll appear in the fees of buyers, who like your shop on and the shopping app.

How to Post an Etsy shop update:


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