February 2017-Etsy Shop Academy

Steps on using this Training

Step 1. Watch the training in full before opening a shop or making changes to your shop.
Step 2. Take notes, “note takers are game changers“.
Step 3. If you’ve not opened an Etsy shop yet, use my affiliate link so that we BOTH get free Etsy listings http://etsy.me/2mLNEee
Step 4. Watch training while opening and/or listing your items until you get the hang of it.
Step 5. Go Live with your shop even if it’s not complete.
Step 6. Take special note on using keywords in titles, descriptions, and tags.
Step 7.  Make your images pop. Here’s a blog post on how I get my photos looking great.
Step 8. List as many items as possible the more the better. Those shops who do well have various price points and many, many options. My goals is to always have a minimum of 50 items.  (This is the biggest mistake I see shop owners make).
Step 9. Don’t list all of your new items in one day. Save them in draft status and then each day publish a new one so that they trickle out into the Etsy search.
Step 10. Continue to tweak your shop, changing one or two keywords to see if it gets more views. It can take up to 2-3 weeks to see a change so be patient.
Step 11. Occasionally go back renew items that haven’t sold yet.

Watch This Video First
Since the recording of this training, Etsy revised some of it’s search criteria making it easier for our items to be found by shoppers.  This explains the revisions, therefore your the remaining video screens may be slightly different than the screen on your Etsy shop.

Video 1
Setting Up an Etsy Shop (setting up a profile and shop, brief explanation of conversations, purchases you make with other Etsy shops, connect your social media accounts, language preferences, currency and region default, email preferences, linking credit card and checking account, and choosing a business name).


Video 2
Shop setup continued, stocking your shop with adding a listing, how to find long tail keywords in product titles.


Video 3
Shop Categories, Tips on Pricing for Growing a Business, Tips on Photos, Keywords in Descriptions, What to include in your Descriptions, Tips for keeping shoppers on your Etsy shop longer with links.


Video 4
Shop Sections, Variations, Shipping Profiles (find more Etsy info. for shipping profiles here https://www.etsy.com/help/article/190)


Video 5
Tags, Materials, Setting Up Billing,


Video 6
Branding, Shop Look, Creating Shop Banner & Icon, Shop Title, Shop Announcement, Shop Updates, About Section, Link your Social Media Sites


Video 7
In this video, completing shop policies, FAQ, sales tax tips, a message to buyers, explaining listing manager, keyword rich shop sections, tips on copying an existing listing to create a new one.


Video 8
In this video, I explain how to make a custom packing slip and invoice, how to do refunds, reviews (how to get them and reply to negative ones).


Video 9
In this video, I go over advertising in Etsy, making an Etsy mini widget for your blog, your bill, explain the dashboard and all about understanding your shop stats.


Video 10
In this video, I go through different Etsy shops and discuss photo tips. Also, the tip to create multiples of one item for some of your stock.


Video 11
This is a quick video showing some of the features of Marmalead.com and how you can use it for your Etsy shop. There is a limited free version. Remember, always test a few items at a time before making lots of changes. Test to see if it makes a difference and if not, cancel your subscription.


Video 12
Other apps you can use to help run a successful Etsy shop.  Here’s the link if you would like to join Around.io (https://app.around.io) and if you want to use the Etsy on Sale app, login and link up your Etsy shop using this link (https://www.etsyonsale.com/sellers?referralCode=6HDCPBA0T1) you will get a total of $10 in free credits to use.


Video 13
After looking at your shops and reviewing your pain points with Etsy, I made this video. Just some tips that were mentioned in the training but wanted to make them clear.


Video 14
Sample Critques of Shops


Video 15
Sample Critiques of Shops


Video 16

Etsy Shops Q/A


I hope you enjoyed this Etsy training course. I would love to hear your feedback.  One of the biggest mistakes I see people making with their Etsy shop is #1 photos, #2 not using keywords, #3 not enough items



  1. Creekview.creations on December 27, 2018 at 10:06 pm

    When listing items should I remove those that are out of season or past a particular holiday.

    • Julie Siomacco on December 31, 2018 at 8:39 am

      No. keep them up all year. you never know when someone wants to buy

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