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These are recommendations for equipment mentioned in this month’s training.

IPhone 7 – While any smart phone will work, the iPhone 7 by far has the best camera. If you don’t have an iPhone 7, don’t worry, you can still do FB lives and they will be effective. I did them too before I got a iPhone 7. If you an afford to get the larger memory, you might want to since you can download your FB lives to your phone to repurpose.

Table top tripod – I love this tripod. I use it the majority of the time.
6 foot Floor Standing tripod
Smart Phone Tripod Adapter – I love this one because it’s not spring loaded and it’s wide for large iphone 7 Plus with a chunky otterbox case.
Diva Ring 18” – This makes a world of difference and tho it’s pricey, makes a world of difference.
Ring light for phone – This is good when you’re on the go and want to take light with you.
LuMee Case for phone – This is great for videos on the go. It’s made to give more light for selfies.
Mevo Camera – This would be in place of a phone. It’s a camera designed for only online streaming.
Wifi Boosters – This extends the wifi connection in your house carrying the signal just a little bit further.
Joby Gorilla Flexible tripod – Great to wrap your phone around something to hold it up. I take this with me to Hobby Lobby

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