Facebook Page for 2021

We’ve uncovered best practices for your Facebook Page (this is a business page, not personal profile) directly from our Facebook rep and they are as follows:

Facebook Stories – 

Currently, Facebook Stories, does not fight the algorithm and can get more reach than a post on a Page

It is recommended to either post Stories from Instagram (IG) to show on Facebook (FB) Page Stories or to use native Stories which originate directly from Facebook. 

On FB/IG stories, you can share photos, video snippets, polls, and links to offsite platforms when you meet the qualifications.

Try to engage with everyone who replies on your stories. You can find both IG and FB replies to stories, within the Business Suite on mobile or Creator Studio Inbox on desktop.

You can create live video within stories such as a 5-10 minute Q/A. As with all videos, remember to download them to repurpose them on other platforms such as IGTV, Pinterest, TikTok, etc.

Recommended a minimum of 1 story a day but do as much as your bandwidth will allow.

Use stories to share a new post from your page to get more eyeballs on your posts. 


Insights for stories are 28 days on the computer only.

FB Live and Video –

Facebook is still prioritizing videos that are 3 min or longer. They prefer long form content (way over 3 min), however they stated not to sacrifice quality for quantity. 

Short term video may go viral because it’s easy to digest but it’s short lived and ends up hurting your page because viral videos attract the wrong audience and people who won’t show up all the time.

The first goal is to get viewers to watch longer than one minute. if they stay longer than 1 min the gets a boost in the algorithm.  The longer you can keep watchers the better. So try to start video discussions immediately and let the viewer know why they should stay to watch.

Only post original content on your page, which is content you or a production partner create. Don’t post on your page other viral pages content. Your page should be your content only. 

Avoid all static images in your video, including a thumbnail like you see on YouTube.

Always optimize for FB search by including a video, title, tags, descriptions, etc.

Create shorter video posts that direct viewers back to longer more in-depth videos.  

Instead of asking people to share, which is click bate to Facebook, you can thank those who do share to prompt more sharing or say, “tell your friend what you would do with this”

Inspire meaningful conversations in all post comments and try to get readers/viewers engaged with others

Content needs to be authentically shared and reactions such as Heart and Smiley Face have more weight than a like or thumbs up.  

Do not encourage people to share video or posts to more than one people or group, this is considered spam.


Instagram –

Make sure to use keywords for search and they are not prioritizing hashtags but are using alt

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