How to Batch Edit Etsy Listings

Here’s a way to quickly update your listings seasonally so that your titles, tags and descriptions don’t include holiday keywords that are no longer relevant. This should be done after every major holiday (i.e., Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, etc.) This update also allows you to rethink other important changes like pricing and encourages you to do the most important tasks.

Example, a spring wreath with the keywords Easter Wreath, can be changed to Mother’s Day Wreath to be more relevant after Easter is over.


  • Remove previous holiday keywords
  • Add upcoming holiday keywords
  • Move most relevant keywords to the front of your title


  • Remove previous holiday tags
  • Add upcoming holiday tags
  • Remove any duplicate tags


  • Remove previous holiday keywords/text
  • Add upcoming holiday keywords/text
  • If item is a hot seller, only update description that was changed for the previous holiday. If it’s not a hot seller, consider refreshing the description


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