How to Facebook 3D Photo

Facebook is giving a lot of great FB juice to 3D photos, meaning more engagement and views.  What are 3D photos? 3D photos essentially draws from the depth map in an image captured by a dual-camera phone, and then it adds some custom software enhancements. The end result should be a perspective-shifting, pseudo-3D image. In other words, it looks neat and it looks like it’s popping off of the page, making the those who are scrolling FB, stop and look.

How to Make a 3D Photo (video below):

First using your phone, search for the Facebook 360 Facebook Page and make sure to like the page. Then close the FB app and reopen it to refresh the app. This part seems weird but I had to do it before the 3D option showed on my phone.

Take a photo using your iphone 7 or above or other phone that contains a dual camera. For best marketing efforts, this should be a picture of your product.

On your phone, Open Facebook App (it’s the blue app and not the Pages app)

Tap in the search box and type in the name of your Page. Then select it.

Click Publish icon (looks like paper and pencil)

Tap 3D photo to access your iPhone’s Portraits folder, then pick a photo and preview it.

Click Next

Include an engaging caption for your audience.

Click Publish


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