Instagram Tips & Story Highlights

Everyone trying to build an online business should be on Instagram and here’s why:

  • Facebook owns Instagram. There’s a massive shift going to Instagram Pages! It’s now easier than ever to share between Facebook and Instagram, making marketing on both platforms super easy! Heck, you can even answer people who comment on your IG page through the Facebook Pages app.
  • 80% of all users on Instagram follow at least 10 businesses and 30% of the people on Instagram said they purchase from a business after they saw them on Instagram!
  • Plus, last I checked, money is in the hands of the people. People are on social media and Instagram is one huge player with 800 million users.
  • Plus $7 Billion dollars is spent on ads through Instagram. If large companies are spending $7B, you better believe there’s a reason for it. It means, this is a platform to be on.
  • Studies show that 32% of Instagram users make between $50-$74,000 annually. 

What to post on Instagram?

  • Photos and hashtags still matter most on Instagram. Stories are a great way to make connections but still attention should be made to the photos posted in the feed. Don’t worry about ‘perfectly staged’ photos unless you’re a big time blogger. Keep it real and relate-able.
  • 65% of all photos posted on Instagram are product focused.
  • Follow 80/20 rule – 80% relationship building, connecting, quotes, fun stuff, random stuff, biz culture stuff / 20% promotional
  • People say they go to Instagram to see behind the scenes, secret tips, connection and whatever they can’t seem to find anywhere else.
  • More likes come when you put people on your feed, meaning photos of people’s faces.
  • Don’t stop using Facebook but instead use Facebook and Instagram together with the cross posting features they each share. Using only one social media is dangerous! What if you get shut down and all your eggs are in one basket? Multi channel marketing works best and when you can use them together.
  • Quotes also do well and the quotes on all white or all black backgrounds get more reach.

Creating an Instagram Story Highlight

  1. Create a story and upload an image.
  2. Click Highlight
  3. Click the + sign to Make New Highlight
  4. Click 3 dots or More
  5. Click Edit Highlight
  6. Click Edit Cover and choose one of the photos in your highlight to make it as your cover.
    You can create custom covers using Make sure these size is set to 1080 x 1920 and follow these instructions:

Practical Tips to Follow and it doesn’t matter how many followers you have.

  1. Share 2 -3 post from Facebook to Instagram weekly is a quick way to building an IG feed. Make sure accounts are linked by going to FB Page Settings, left hand side choose Instagramand link accounts.
  2. Instagram should be a Business Page. Don’t put personal phone or info in the account. It will give you analytics like your top posts and info on your followers.
  3. Look at one of your top Facebook live videos and grab a one to two sentence from your video and create a new post. You can tell when a video gets more engagement in a video by looking at the stats by looking at the stats. Hit play at the top and grab and 1 liner. Make it a FB and IG post.
  4. Hashtags. Use the discover section on IG. Find 10-20 good ones to use and then you can rotate 3-4 per post.
  5. Find 3 -5 business pages to follower per day.

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