Mailerlite – Opening Account

Mailerlite is an email service provider for housing the emails you collect for sending email campaigns. This option is a simple, beginner option for email marketing.

If you have another email service provider (such as MailChimp) and you’re happy with that provider, you don’t need to complete this training. If you’ve tried to set up Mailchimp and you’re confused, this may be an easier solution for you.

Let’s discuss Pricing

Mailerlite is less expensive than Mailchimp because they offer a free option: 1-1000 subscribers, sending <12,000 emails per month
You learn more about pricing here

With everything you implement with your business, start with a free plan and expand when/if needed.

Benefits of the paid version

Newsletter templates – over 50 templates 
Automatically resend emails to people that don’t open the first one
Deliver by time zone 
Click maps – this shows which links readers click or don’t click on your email
Custom domains
Save templates – create a newsletter once and then reuse it, saves time
Live chat customer support,  24/7 customer support in chat to help you

Please review their terms of service here:
NOTE – You can’t use affiliate marketing when sending emails, which is the same with Mailchimp.

1. How to sign up?

Sign up for an account here:

Fill out the information requested.
Your company name, email address and choose a password following their criteria (upper lower case, number of characters, etc).
Click “create my account”.

2. Get your Mailerlite account approved

After creating your account you’ll need to go through a two-step process validating your account agreeing to their no-spamming policies.

Click on “complete profile” and tell Mailerlite about your company. This information is used to get your account approved

The next section will determine if they approve you to Mailerlite. You must make sure you answer these questions correctly.

What Industry Are You in? Ecommerce
How many people work for your organization? 
When was the last time you sent a campaign / newsletter? 
How many subscribers do you have? If you have emails already from Mailchimp or Craft Fair collection, include the number here
How do you collect subscribers? DO NOT CLICK THAT YOU HAVE PURCHASED A LIST – THAT’S ILLEGAL. The correct ways to collect emails: opt-in via online and offline forms, permission-based via social media or webinars, e-commerce, OR if you haven’t started and you have zero emails select: I have yet to start collecting subscribers
What content do you plan to send to your subscribers or add to landing pages and websites? I plan to use Mailerlite to keep in contact with our customers in the form of newsletters and for ecommerce marketing.
Have you used another email marketing service in the past? 
Have you ever used other website builders before? 
Do you use any e-commerce platform? If you sell on etsy, select “other” and then type Etsy into the box that appears
How did you find out about Mailerlite? 
Select: I have read Mailerlite anti-spam policy and I agree
Opt-in to Mailerlite newsletters so you get tips and tricks on how to use their platform
Select that you’re not a robot
Press save

Now it’s time to get verified!

Click Request Approval

There are two ways to get verified.

  • If you own a website and your email address domain matches that website, it’s the easiest and quickest way to get verified. (i.e., and [email protected]
  • and [email protected] will not work  and will not be approved.
    If you don’t have your own website and your own email address that matches, I’ve been told you can use your social media but it might take a little longer to get verified.
    In the drop down select “I don’t have my own website”
    Social Media URL: put in your Facebook business page URL
    Tell us about your business: “I sell handmade home decor such as seasonal wreaths and arrangements on Etsy and I plan to use Mailerlite grow an email list in order to send promotional emails to customers who opt in as well as newsletters to keep my customers informed of new products and changing trends.  
  • It can take anywhere from 2 minutes to 24 business hours to get verified.
  • Press Next and wait

4. Profile Settings

Just a walk through of the profile settings and getting familiar with Mailerlite. Click on your account name in the top right corner.

  • My Profile – you can upload a photo if you want for your profile, all other content should be filled in
  • Users – add people to help you with your email marketing efforts
  • Account Settings
    • Company Profile – basic business info
    • Default settings
      • Update your default sender information so that you don’t have to populate it every time. This should be your company name and email address you want the emails to come from and sent to when someone replies to your emails. I suggest not putting your name, but your company name. I join mailing lists all the time and never remember who those are who use their real name vs their company name. People could join your mailing list from all over the internet and will be more likely to remember your business name vs your personal name.
      • If you have a logo, you can upload on as a default logo
      • Social links – add the social media platforms associated with your business and the ones your customers use to connect with you
      • Integrations – you can connect Mailerlite with other platforms such as Stripe, Shopify, Woocommerce, Facebook, etc. I don’t see where it integrates with Etsy though like Aweber does.
      • My templates – where to find the templates that you’ve created
      • File Manager – any files and documents that you’ve uploaded into Mailerlite can be found here

5. Nav Menu Top Tool Bar

  • Dashboard – displays statistics  of your account, an overview of subscribers, your plan, growth, performance, total of emails, etc.
  • Campaigns – a campaign is another word for the emails you send. Here is where you can create a new email, view emails, and analyze your emails sent.
  • Subscribers – this is your email list and contains all of the people that have signed up to get your emails. You can add people here by importing or adding manually. Never add a person without their permission. 
  • Forms – this is the form we create for people to “opt in” on our website in order to join our mailing list. 
  • Sites – find all your  landing pages here, a place to let people know you can solve their problem but you need their email first. 
  • Automation – where you create a sequence of emails to send those who join your mailing list. This is set once and sends automatically to each person who joins your list based off of when they join.



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