Messenger Bots & ManyChat Training

What are Messenger Bots?

Facebook Messenger Bots are automatic responses and messages sent through Facebook Messenger.

Why Use Messenger Bots?

  • Messenger Bots can have a higher percentage of open rates versus email open rates.
  • Because emails are over crowded
  • Because people only open email once a day and are on Facebook 5-10 per day.
  • Opting in to Messenger bots is easier for the consumer than an email opt in.
  • Facebook is where your customers hangout.


Module 1 – What is Messenger Bots, ManyChat Dashboard, ManyChat Settings


Go to and create a free account. Note: I tested it out on a free account to see if I liked it and then upgraded when I needed more functions.

  1. Make sure your Facebook Page is set up to run ManyChat.
  • Go to Settings, General, Messenger Button is Enabled
  • Make sure in FB Settings, General you have no country or age restriction settings that will interfere with the bots.
  • Under Settings, Messenger, turn off FB Page Bot Like Reminders.
  1. Link to your Facebook Page to ManyChat. You can do this by clicking the down arrow under your profile on the ManyChat dashboard and then click connect.
  2. Set your Greeting Text: On ManyChat dashboard go to Settings, General and enter a greeting text. A greeting text is shown to users before they start an interaction with your bot. This is my greeting text:

Hey there, this is the Southern Charm Wreaths automated messenger system. Click get started below to interact with our messenger bot.

  1. Create Custom Fields. You can create a custom field and ask people for information and it will log it for each subscriber. For example, do you want to know which of your subscribers is in a membership group? Purchased from you? Etc. You can set that now or you can set it up later.
  2. Create Your Main Menu: A main menu is a menu that always show at the bottom of the messenger. These can also have sub menus.  I like to include a Contact Us, Ways to Get More Free Content, And Get them to opt in to one of my sequences or tags by asking them questions.  For example, Do you want us to notify you if we go live? If yes, what type of information are you interested in. Set up your main menu by clicking Automation, Main Menu


Module 2 – Install ManyChat on FB Page, Adding Main Menus


  1. Set your Default Reply: This is the catch all automatic reply from your bot when it doesn’t understand the conversation. Make sure to tell your audience what this messenger bot can do for them. For example, direct them to a way to contact you, or a link to more information on your blog, or a way to answer the most commonly asked questions. Set your Default Reply by going to Automation, Default Reply
  2. Welcome Message: A welcome message is a generic greeting sent to every person who hits get started button. Make sure to state what you want your visitor to do with your bot.  Set your welcome message by clicking Automation, Welcome Message.


Module 3 – Setting up Default Reply, Welcome Message


  1. Set up Keywords: Keywords start conversational flows and trigger actions from your bot when subscribers type in certain keywords. For example, when they type a reply ‘stop’, this will unsubscribe them from your bot. If they type in say for example, ‘live’ your bot can then send them a message to ask if they want to be added to your sequence or even add a tag.  Think of all the keywords people message you about. Is it supplies? How to do something?  Asking a sales questions? You can set up all of these and have your bot, generate a reply to them. Set up keywords by clicking Automation, Keywords.
  2. Set up Sequences: Sequences auto drip out content over a period of time to people just like an email campaign. You can have them opt into challengers, create sales funnels, etc.  Create a sequence by going to Automation, Sequences.


Module 4- Keywords & Sequences


  1. Set up Growth Tools: Growth tools are used to grow your subscribers in ManyChat. They only ones I’ve used so far are the Landing Page for my blog posts and the Facebook Comments.  The Facebook comments is by far the fastest way to get people to join. Watch the video training to learn how to create a post and then set it up to trigger messages as well as tag the subscribers.
  2. Broadcasting: This is when you want to blast out a message to your subscribers, for example, when you’re running a launch, list something in your Etsy shop or when you go live on Facebook or Youtube.


Module 5 – Using Growth Tools for Landing Pages and Facebook Comments


Be warned, every time you send out a reply message from your bot, every broadcast, every question or step you ask a subscriber to take, will be added inside of your FB messenger. So, if you require FB messenger to heavy take orders, this will muddy up your messenger making it a lot harder to filter those.  I’ve stopped looking at my messenger all together now.

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