Creating Videos for Your Biz with Guest Rebecca Ducker

Videographer/ Editor/ Graphic Design
Rebecca Ducker
[email protected]


Notes from video…

  • Know your end goal before purchasing equipment or recording your video.
  • Put together a storyboard or outline so you have an idea of what you want the finished video to look like.
  • As you record, write down the scene, description and how many takes you do for quicker video editing.
  • Learning how to edit video sources – is $29/month or search youtube for free info
  • Facebook can only host 720 so recording in higher is not necessary for FB.
  • com,,, google drive for sharing large files through email.
  • Video editing software: Imovie & quicktime, are free and then Premiere elements is a good beginner step. There is also Adobe Creative Suites, more advanced and After Effects for graphic animation. Julie uses Camtasia which allows you to record screen and edit video.


Not mentioned in video…

  • Make sure your audio is clear…if you have bad audio…you have no video.
  • Don’t shoot in vertical mode with your phone, turn it and shoot video horizontally. It’s more professional. Rebecca says it will eventually start to move to vertical but for now the norm for more professional videos is horizontal.

Recording Tips by Julie…

  • Light and sound are everything. If they can’t see it or hear you then viewers will be disappointed.
  • Before you hit record for the project, test your video and sound. Nothing worse than when you record the whole thing and then there’s no sound working. Or the angle didn’t work and you can’t see it. Test before the big project and not a few days before because buttons get pushed etc. Test right before your ready to film the real thing.
  • Don’t film the video in the same order that you watch it. For example, film supplies, step 1, step 2, step 3,  maybe step 6 then step 5 etc. When meat of the video or project is complete, then record the closing encouraging viewers to give it a try and to upload their pictures to your FB page! When they do that, it gets advertising for the video for others to want to buy. Plus FB loves pages where viewers upload their images in comments or posts.  After that I then film the opening of the video; introducing yourself and telling the viewer what the project is and you show them the finished project.
  • I personally stop in between each step to readjust either the project table or myself. LOL. This helps with editing if you just stop the video and then start it again for the next step.
  • Also even though you will be recording for lots to see it, remember only 1 person will be watching it so talk as if your speaking to 1 person, not a group of people. For example, use the word you not y’all,

Equipment mentioned…

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