Ways to Grow a New Facebook Group

When I launched my new free Facebook Group, I did a couple of things to get the word out and grow members over 1000 in one day.

  1. I created a free tutorial or video to entice people to join the group. I was able to use one of my hundreds of videos created in my WOTMC vault and use that to give away for free by sharing the private Vimeo link to the video directly inside the group. If you don’t have a video on hand, you can record one. It doesn’t have to be a long video.  Additionally, it doesn’t have to be a how to video either. Make it fit within your audience and what you provide them. It might be a new recipe, a discount code, access to a pdf answering a struggle they have, etc.
  2. I emailed my list letting them know we had a new group and that there was a free gift for them if they joined us. I sent the email on the day we launched as well as 2 days later letting them know their freebie will expire by the end of the weekend. I also mixed in and dropped hints about the group with my regular emails sent but when you put a deadline, more people are quicker to take immediate action.
  3. I sent out a Manychat message to those on my messenger list letting them know we had a free group and a freebie for them waiting in the group.
  4. I created a Facebook post on my business page, letting them know I had a free gift for them once they joined our free group.
  5. I created an Instagram story letting viewers know their free gift is waiting for them.

Other ways to continue to grow your free group?

Create a Facebook post twice a week getting people to join. This can be a graphic image or maybe sharing how you helped someone in the group with a struggle but they need to join the group to see the answer or outcome.

With every email you send, mention the free group and how this week you have a new video, new coupon code, new product line launched, or something fun, exciting, entertaining or helpful for them in the group.

Keep your group growing by always posting engaging questions for the group, do occasional lives in the group with a tidbit of what you’re doing behind the scenes or selling, always be helpful but without giving away the kitchen sink and don’t forget to solve their pain points occasionally.

Learn more about how to create a Facebook group here https://southerncharmwreaths.com/bsc_category/facebook-groups/

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