YouTube 3 Keywords & Uploading Video

Keywords help you get found online, no matter what platform you’re on. However, we need to know which keywords perform the best.

When starting out, stick to searches that are smaller (in hundreds or thousands) with low competition. This will help you rank better in those smaller searches. If you use searches with a large pool, you’ll have a harder time of getting found.

Sources for gathering keyword data:
1. Youtube Search Bar
2. Youtube Suggested Videos
3. Google Search Bar
4. Keywords Everywhere (
5. TubeBuddy (
6. Google keyword planner (hardest to use)

Here is the Content Calendar Spreadsheet

Here is the Youtube Video Cheatsheet

Here’s the link to the blog post title analyzer

Watch this video on how to use the above apps to find keywords and how to use the worksheets provided.  These are the steps I take for pretty much every video I upload.

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