YouTube 6 Equipment

So after you’ve watched all the training, you’re probably asking yourself what do I need in order to make this work for my creative business?  Honestly, not much.

You can make great videos with an iphone 7 or higher and a light kit.  Will other gear make it easier for you to record? Yes. But be careful not to purchase items you don’t need.

When I first started I used an iphone 7 & a desktop tripod with phone holder. But you can also zip tie or bungie your phone to a can of spray paint if you don’t have the money to invest in gear.

Now I use a mevo, mevo boost, ipad or iphone 8 to control the mevo camera, and iphone or laptop to watch the comments and a floor tripod.

Below is a list of items I use for all of my video recording.


iphone 8

Mevo Plus

Mevo Plus Bundle with boost (if you want to wire directly into your router and increases battery life)

Mevo Camera Case

Logitech HD 1080p at my computer for trainings

Cannon XA10 (for professional videos)


Blue Yeti USB Mic (trainings)

Headsets (trainings)

Lav Mic (good for quality sound on a phone close to you)



Desktop (travels well and when I’m on the road, I use this)


Arkon car mount

Arkon desk


3 Piece Kit

Diva Ring Light


Collapsible Background (I hang on my wall with these clamps)


Camtasia (I use because I can also record my desktop)

iMovie (free for Mac users)

Windows Movie Maker (free for Windows)

Filmora Wondershare (not used)


Adobe Premiere

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