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Etsy Branding – Shop Cover Image in Canva

The shop banner displays across the top of your Etsy Shop homepage. It is the most prominent graphic that buyers see when visiting your shop. Shoppers only see your cover banner when they’re already in your shop.  Branding your shop could give shoppers more confidence in buying from you, but it won’t help you get…

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Etsy – Branding Your Shop

Branding brings the unique story of your business to life, helping your shop stand out from the crowd and connecting your products with your target market. Having a clear brand identity achieves several goals: 1. It contributes to the perception people have about your business. 2. It can make encounters or purchases much more meaningful…

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Graphic Design Tips

Do you want to design your own graphics or hire a Graphic Designer? When you have an online presence it’s important to develop a consistent look in the form of branding.  This helps people to recognize you.  When you choose your brand colors (typically three or more), what message do you want to communicate.  Yes,…

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