Deco Poly Mesh Wreaths

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Have you heard of Poly Deco Mesh yet? Well it is currently all the rage! It is fun and funky and is a great way to celebrate a new season, holiday, baby, or team.

Poly Decorator art mesh (also known as Geo Mesh) is a mesh made out of vinyl that is durable and waterproof, perfect for outdoors but delicate enough for indoor use. The mesh material is not wired and will keep its full body forever! Poly Deco Mesh currently comes in two versions, foil and non foil. Foiled mesh simply has a foil thread woven into the mesh giving it sparkle.

Check out some of the wreaths I’ve made and sold on my website,!

mesh wreaths
mesh wreaths
mesh wreaths

I also love Poly Deco mesh because you can add it to any silk floral wreath to give the wreath more texture and color.

I just finished an ebook detailing how I make my poly deco mesh wreaths. This ebook includes: examples, where to purchase the materials, how to embellish, and other uses of Poly Deco Mesh. You can find more information about my ebook here.

New Poly Deco Mesh wreaths are added weekly to my website, so please check back often!


  1. Beachbumflorials on May 12, 2018 at 3:38 pm

    Hi Julie,

    I live in Myrtle Beach, SC and was wondering if you give classes anywhere? Would you do a personal class for me. I am just starting making wreaths and i want my to be like yours. When every i make a silk flower grapevine wreath i can’t make them look full. I always cut my flowers to short and nothing seems to match. I am not young but need to make income for myself. I really need a one on one class. I have an emotional disability and need to keep myself busy or I go into deep depression. I LOVE MAKING WREATHS!!!!! Im just not good at it.

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